Safari Highlights

3 Days Murchison falls and chimpanzee safari. This safari is very brief but fulfills almost all desires for travelers on Ugandan safari. It amazingly touches a little of everything on wildlife safari in Uganda. Travelers have maximum opportunities of exploring the Big5 mammals in their natural wild settings in besides a host of other wildlife species.

3 Days Murchison falls and chimpanzee safari

Detailed safari activities

Ziwa rhino sanctuary; rhino trekking

Murchison Falls national park; Gameviewing safari

  Boat cruise on the Nil Chimpanzee tracking

   Nature walk at top of falls  

DAY 1: Track rhinos, travel to Murchison Falls

All events of a successful safari to Uganda by plan start early morning and this will be the rule of the thumb. Actual travel to Murchison Falls National Park starts at sunrise after a cup of coffee, you will have a brief stop at the Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary to trek rhinos with ranger guides. This is your first wilderness Uganda tour activity where you are in close contact with other wildlife species besides the rhinos. The travel to Murchison traverses through the Budongo rainforest, woodlands, bushland unto your hotel nestled so close to the wetland vegetation on the edges of the Nile. You will make another brief walk at the top of the Murchison falls to get real tour into Uganda wilderness experiences. Later in the afternoon, you may explore into the wilderness and traverse beautiful savannas to discover and get wonderful Uganda safari experiences. You will retreat to the comfort of your Uganda safari lodge in time for dinner and enjoy the luxuries of Uganda wilderness night experiences.

Day 2: Gameviewing safari, boat cruise

Your Uganda safari guide picks you up at first light and leads you into the wilderness to maximise opportunities of spotting many Uganda safari attractions in their natural wilderness habitat. Notable sightings on Uganda wildlife safari include large herds of herbivores; elephants, buffalos, antelopes, giraffes, hogs and many others. Carnivores; lions, leopards, hyenas, serval cats, jackals and birds of prey are always closeby calculating their opportunities to strike. Beautiful birds, insects, reptiles, eyecatching vegetation and scenic landforms and features will satiate your Uganda safari adrenaline. A memorable Uganda safari adventurous 3-hour boat cruise on the Nile takes you closest to schools of hippos, largest Nile crocodiles, water bird species and gets you to the rumbling Murchison falls from the bottom elevation. Spend the rest of your Uganda wilderness tour chilling by the poolside or take a brief gameviewing drive to wind up an exciting successful Uganda safari into the Murchison Falls National Park.

Day 3: Chimpanzee tracking, travel to Kampala

Your safari guide will escort you very early morning to the chimpanzee tracking starting point at Budongo forest tourism office. Once all chimpanzee tracking procedures are completed, the rangers will descend with you into the rainforest. The tracking team will move in the footmarks of chimpanzees and soon catch up with families of feeding chimpanzees. You will embark on journey to Kampala soon after completing the tracking exercise and arrive in Kampala in the afternoon. The safari guide will escort you to Entebbe International Airport for your departure flight or to your preffered address.