The 3 Days Uganda Bird watching safari covers country’s most remarkable birding locations such as Mabamba swamp near Lake Victoria, the lush Botanical garden in Entebbe and the vibrant  Mabira forest   along the Kampala –Jinja highway.

This 3 Days Uganda bird watching safari includes two nights of accommodations, meals and starts and ends in Kampala /Entebbe.  The trip discovers the best birding site of Uganda for example Entebbe, Mabamba, Swamp and Mabira Forest.

Highlight of the 3 Days Birding Safari Uganda

Day 1: Travel from Kampala to Mabira Forest– Bird Watching

Day2: Travel to Entebbe at Botanical Gardens for Birdwatching

Day3: Bird watching in Mabamba Swamp and Return to your Hotel

Detailed Itinerary of the 3 Days Birding safari Uganda

Day 1: Depart from Kampala and travel to Mabira Forest for Bird watching ‘’2 hrs drive’’

After morning breakfast, you will depart from Kampala to Mabira Forest along Jinja road, for bird watching.

You will have a stopover at Ssezibwa Falls in Mukono, enjoy its sceneries, explore its cultural significance attached to it. Later, connect to Eco tourism center at Mabira where you will meet the bird guides.

You will start your 3 days birding safari with help of a skilled guide who will identify interesting bird species such as the African bellied paradise flycatchers, grey headed sunbirds, Sooty flycatchers, dwarf kingfishers, blue breasted kingfishers, toro olive green bull, black and white casqued hornbill, Jameson’s wattle eyes, purple throated cuckoos, Great blue turacos among others.

After your birding experience in Mabira forest, return for lunch and in the afternoon, embark on Zip lining experience. Back to Kampala for dinner and overnight.

Accommodation Options in Kampala

Luxury: Sheraton Hotel Kampala

Mid-range: Fairway Hotel

Budget: Cassia Lodge

Day 2: Travel to Entebbe for Birdwatching in the Botanical Gardens

After delicious breakfast, drive to Entebbe for your second day of Uganda Bird Watching Tour. The day will involve in exploring the Botanical Gardens a home paradise to more than 200 bird species. Some of the list you expect to see include; Crested Francolin ,Heuglin’s Spur fowl ,Scaly spur fowl ,Little Grebe ,Rock pigeon ,Lemon dove ,Laughing dove ,Blue-spotted wood-dove ,African green –pigeon ,Ring-necked dove ,Red-eyed dove ,Speckled pigeon, Bare –Faced Go-away bird ,Eastern plantain –eater ,Red-chested Cuckoo ,Black cuckoo ,Blue-headed Coucal ,White-browed coucal ,Pennant –winged Nightjar ,Freckled Nightjar ,Mottled Spine tail ,Alpine swift Little swift, White-rumped swift ,African palm swift, Black Crake ,African Swamphen ,Red-knobbed coot ,White-spotted Fluff tail ,Gray Crowned –Crane ,Water Thick –knee ,Black –winged Stilt ,Crowned Lapwing, Wattled Lapwing ,Greater Painted 0Snipe ,Lesser Jacana ,African Jacana, Common Sandpiper ,Black-tailed Godwit ,Common Greenshank ,Curled Sandpiper ,Little stint ,African Snipe ,Rock Pratincole ,Black-headed Gull ,Gray-hooded Gull, White-winged Tern, African open bill ,Black stork ,White stork, Shoe bill ,African Darter ,Long-tailed Cormorant, Great white pelican ,Hamerkop ,Black Heron ,Little Egret ,Squacco Heron ,Glossy Ibis, Hadada Ibis ,Black-winged Kite ,Palm –nut Vulture ,Barn Owl ,Southern White –faced Owl, African Wood –Owl ,Speckled Mouse bird ,Blue-napped Mouse bird ,Narina Trogon ,Eurasian Hoopoe ,Malachite Kingfisher among others

3 Days Uganda Bird Watching Safari
Mottled Spine tail

During your birding viewing here, a lot of monkey species can be spotted as you also enjoy the scenic view of the Lake Victoria known as ‘’ the second largest lake in Africa’’.

After, you will have picnic lunch in the beautiful gardens and later, go visit Uganda Wildlife Education Centre where you will enjoy perfect view of vast number of wildlife species including; lions, giraffes, antelopes, leopards, zebras, chimpanzees, birdlife like the shoe bill stork among others. Dinner and overnight stay.

Accommodation options;

Accommodation; Protea Hotel/ Lake Victoria Serena Hotel Kigo

Mid-range; Imperial Resort Beach Hotel, Best Western Hotel

Budget: Viavia Guesthouse /Victoria Breeze Suites

Day 3: Bird watching in Mabamba Swamp /Return to your Hotel

Along your final day, wake up have breakfast followed by a drive to Mabamba bay. Thereafter, arrive take a boat or canoe ride to the Mabamba wetlands for your final exciting birdwatching tour.

During your birding skim, you will be able to spot the elusive shoebill storks, the white shouldered it, African purple swamp hen, white faced whistling duck, swamp flycatchers, African water rail, grey headed gull, blue breasted bee –eaters, spur winged lapwing, Madagascar bee- eaters mentioned but few species.

Then after a day filled with memorable adventure. You will drive back to the hotel or to Entebbe airport for your departure.

This marks the end of your 3 Days Birding Safari Uganda.

Tour price includes;

Birding experiences

Entry fees

Bottled drinking water

Ground transportation

Boat ride at Mabamba swamp

Any relevant government taxes

All activities but not the optional

Tour Excludes;


Laundry services

Visa fees

Telephone bills

Personal insurance

Extra activities

Shopping bills

What to pack with you on 3 days Birding Watching Trip;



Pair of binoculars

Light rain jacket

Insect repellents

Safari clothes

Good camera

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