5 Days Chimpanzee and wildlife

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This Uganda  5 days chimpanzee and wildlife safari gives travelers an opportunity to track and compare behaviours and characters of chimpanzees in two different natural settings; rainforest and grasslands. We explore both enclosed and open wildlife settings and have an opportunity of comparing the behaviours and characters of wildlife species in the two different settings.

5 Days Chimpanzee and wildlife safari

Detailed safari activities of 5 Days chimpanzee and wildlife safari

Kibale National Park; Chimpanzee tracking

Queen Elizabeth national park; Chimpanzee tracking

    Game viewing safari

    Boat cruise

Day 1: Travel Kibale forest national park

This Uganda safari into the rainforests of Kibale and Queen Elizabeth grasslands starts soon after your breakfast. The journey ascends from the Victoria basin, traverses through food crop plantations and the several rainforests and settles into your hotel sitting in the foothills of Ruwenzori Mountains. The resident guide may take you for an exciting tour of the neighborhood and visit selected homesteads to get Uganda safari countryside experiences.

Day 2: Chimpanzee tracking, travel to Queen Elizabeth

Rise up with the early bird and meet up with your safari guide for a hot cup off coffee. With lunch packs in hand, travel to Kanyanchu tourism centre in time for pre chimpanzee tracking orientation. Soon ranger escorts lead you into the rainforests for your chimpanzee tracking expedition. The team will traverse the rainforests following any lead that may show chimpanzee presence. The rangers are so skilled and with their experiences you will explore the forests and soon discover the chimpanzee feeding areas. Interactions with the chimpanzees are limited to maximum one hour and soon the team descends out of the rainforest to reunite with your safari guide. Shortly, you set out on travel to Queen Elizabeth national park seated on the floor of the Edward rift to a resounding welcome by herds of grazing mammals lining up your way to the hotel.

Day 4: Chimpanzee tracking, boat cruise on the Kazinga channel

Rise up at first light and after a hot cup of coffee meet up with your safari guide in the at the reservations desk. You set out for the chimpanzee tracking expedition at the Kyambura tourism centre. A team of highly skilled rangers will lead you a steep escarpment onto the bed of a riverline forest. Explore the wilderness and discover families of unique chimpanzees that have adopted strange behaviours and characters to adapting to a strange and unique habitat; savanna grasslands. The afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel is an exciting Uganda tour activity that gets you so close to wildlife species visiting the channel to cool off the heat of the afternoon burning sun. This is an appropriate opportunity to catch sight of rare aquatic wildlife species and grab a postcard photo in memory of your tour into Uganda. You hit two birds with one stone on your travel back to your hotel as you encounter different species of wildlife winding up the daytime activities.

Day 5: Game viewing safari, travel to Kampala

Your wake up call is a very breakfast and soon catch up with your safari guide on Uganda tour at the car parking lot. You travel and descend the rift and wander in the wilderness in search of exciting wildlife sightings. The game viewing drive wanders into the grasslands, exploring all possible corners and discovering all possible attractions in their natural wild settings. You will soon embark on travel to Kampala city via Mbarara city where you will get a lunch break. You will have a brief stop at the equator line crossing point and grab unique photos in memory of safari into Uganda. You will arrive in Kampala shortly and your safari will escort you to Entebbe International Airport or your preffered address to mark end of your tour into Uganda.