5 Days Gorilla and wildlife Safari

Safari highlights

5 Days gorilla and wildlife safari ,We will travel into two national parks which are completely different in natural settings. Bwindi is forested and in the volcanic highlands. Lake Mburo is plateau woodland with large herds of mammals grazing in the open settings, with other wildlife species following suit. We will do two boat cruises; one in a deep crater lake surrounded by steep volcanic mountains and another in a shallow lake resulting from blocked rivers. These different settings give travelers on safari into Uganda a balanced view of African countryside settings.

5 Days gorilla and wildlife safari

Detailed safari activities of 5 days  uganda gorilla and wildlife safari

Lake Mburo; Boat cruise

 Gameviewing safari

Bwindi Impenetrable; Mountain gorilla trekking

  Community visit

Lake Bunyonyi; Boat ride

Lake Mburo; Boat cruise

 Gameviewing safari

Day 1: Pick up from airport

Meet up with your safari guide on arrival at Entebbe International airport and a warm welcome to you on your safari into Uganda. He will give you an overview of your tour into Uganda, sharing in detail things you are most likely to sight on your tour. Gorilla trekking; your first activity is 8 hours drive by road away from Kampala city. You may opt to set out your journey instantly and spend the first night of your tour into Uganda close to your destination. If you are feeling fatigued or need to do a brief tour of Uganda urban life, you spend the night at your hotel in Entebbe or Kampala.

 Day 2: Visit to gorilla highlands

Set out after an early morning breakfast and slowly make your way out of Kampala busy traffic. You will make a brief stop at the equator line crossing point at Kayabwe to capture memorable Uganda safari photos and a hot cup of coffee. You will have a lunch break in Mbarara town with an option to sample African buffet dishes of organic food. You will arrive and check you’re your hotel seated on the edges of the rainforest in the afternoon. Relax and let exciting feelings of safari into Uganda and gorilla trek expedition set in.

Day 3: Gorilla trekking, travel to Lake Bunyonyi

Wake up at cockcrow and make Mountain gorilla trekking final preparations. Your safari will carry lunch boxes and drinking water and escort you to mountain gorilla trekking assembly point. A team of rangers, very experienced at trekking gorillas will lead you into the thick rainforests and you traverse the wilderness in search of family of gorillas your team is assigned. Your interaction with the gorillas is regulated at 1 hour and you descend out of the forest. You will then embark and retreat out of the rainforest, traversing sharp Kigezi meandering corners on to your safari camp on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi.

Day 4: Boat cruise, travel to Lake Mburo

Relax in your morning sleep, shake off gorilla trekking fatigue and let the wonderful feelings of Uganda safari sink in. You will take an exciting boat cruise on Lake Bunyonyi, explore the beautiful corners and discover unique sightings that make safaris into Uganda top of many travelers’ bucketlist. You then set out on travel to Lake Mburo and wander into the beautiful Ankole plateau lands with amazingly large herds of longhorned Ankole cattle grazing by the roadside. You will check into your hotel in wild woodland settings and live your childhood Uganda safari dreams.

Day 5: Game drive, travel to Kampala city

Take an early breakfast and set out for the game viewing safari. The safari guide will follow all leads and explore the hidden sites beautiful sightings are expected to hide in. Explore the woodlands and make maximum use of this opportunity to spot many wildlife species. You will then embark on travel to Kampala and have a lunch break en route. Your safari guide will escort you to Entebbe International Airport in time for your flight or to an agreed spot to mark end of your tour into Uganda.