Day 1: arrival in the park

On your way to the park from Kampala, stop off at Mbale for 4hrs, hike to the Khauka caves. Alternatively, you can go to the view point through Nabuyoga loop where you can see Jackson summit and Wagagai peak. Arrive at the park and check in to your choice of accommodation.

Day 2: Nature Walks

After a delicious breakfast, drive to kaptwai Forest Exporation Centre for one of the many nature walks. You combine the 7km bamboo trail to kapkwai cave with the 3km ridge trek to the beautiful chebinet falls or take the full day hike moving through tropical and bamboo forest to the Tutum cave. You will see primates, birds and wonderful flora such as the Elgon tik and Elgon olive.

Day 3: Sipi Falls

Depending on how energetic you are feeling, take a long or short community organised walk to Sipi falls. For a different view of this magnificent cascade, how about abseiling alongside the 1st waterfall? Keen anglers can try their hand at fishing at the 3rd waterfall.

Day 4: Coffee tour or Budadiri hike

Discover the local culture, visit the Sipi widows group for a guided walk around the coffee plantation as you learn how to plant coffee, pick, grind, store and clean the beans. Along the way, you will meet residents, learn about life of Sabiny people and participate in traditional weaving. African cooking demonstrations will give you the chance to prepare and taste traditional dishes.

 Day 5: Return to Kampala

The return to Kampala helps you to explore Mbale town, view the imballu grounds, understand the economic activities that help the people in town like markets. Cultural centres buying handcrafts, handbooks and even learning the behaviour plus marriage customs. Thereafter, you drive to Kampala then to Entebbe airport.