Safari highlights

This 5-days safari starts from Kigali City, moves south into the montane rainforest of Nyungwe, then traverses eastwards into the flat plains of Akagyera National Park. On the safari, travelers explore the Rwanda urban life before venturing into the countryside and meeting with the indigenous Rwandans in their rural settings. A visit to the Royal Palace and the National Museum at Nyanza gives travelers a brief tour into the history of Rwanda that is part and parcel of the current lifestyle. The travelers visit and compare wildlife in different set up; Nyungwe enclosed montane forest and the Akagyera open woodlands and grassland. At the end of the safari, the traveler has a balanced picture of Rwanda from several perspectives.

Safari activities

Nyungwe National Park

  • Chimpanzee tracking
  • Canopy walk
  • Royal Palace / National Museum tour

Akagyera National Park

  • Boat cruise
  • Game viewing safari

Day 1: Arrival at Kigali International Airport

Your safari guide on tour of Rwanda will pick you up from Kigali International Airport on arrival and transfer you to your hotel for a welcoming cup of coffee break. You will then take a tour of Kigali City, visit prominent places and structures with important history. You will return to your hotel in the evening to rest and make last preparations for the Rwanda safari experiences.

Day 2: Travel to Nyungwe National Park

Enjoy your morning sleep in the cool breezes of Kigali city. You will take breakfast at sunset and then set out on a long travel south of Rwanda to Nyungwe National Park. You will have a brief break at Nyanza and visit either the Royal Palace or the Nation Museum in the neighborhood. Here is a data bank that introduces visitors into traditional Rwanda history, customs, rituals and lifestyles that greatly shape the present. You will resume your safari further south and check into your hotel in the afternoon to an amazing scenic background with lush forest vegetation. You may venture out your hotel and get brief experiences of life in the Rwanda countryside.

Day 3: Chimpanzee trekking, canopy walk

You will spend a large part of the day tracking chimpanzees in Nyungwe montane forests that starts early morning. Your safari guide on Rwanda safari will escort you to the visitors’ assembly point in time for pre chimpanzee tracking briefing and last preparations. Soon a team of rangers lead you on an exciting adventure into the forests taking turns to explain unique sightings. You will traverse spots with high traces of recent chimpanzee presence and soon catch with moving families of chimpanzees. You will explore into the forests after the lunch break and take a walk along a bridge raise into the forest canopy to observe wildlife from an aerial point. Your safari guide will drive you back to your hotel to rest and relax till lights fade.

Day 4: Travel to Akagera National Park, boat cruise

Enjoy your morning and observe a stunning sunrise over the Nyungwe montane forest. You will set out and travel to Akagyera National Park in the north east of Rwanda to explore a different natural setting altogether. You will check into your safari camp in time for lunch and later take an adventurous boat cruise on Lake Ihema. Here you interact with aquatic wildlife species; hippos, crocodiles, waterbirds with high opportunities to catch large mammal species getting to watering zones. Your travel back to your hotel is at the sametime a sunset game viewing drive that brings out the best of Rwanda safari with unique wildlife sightings.

Day 5: Game drive, departure

You will spend large part of morning traversing the woodlands and the savannas on the lookout for unique wildlife sightings. Akagyera National Park is an ideal habitat in which to spot elephants, rhinos, buffalos, giraffes, eland, leopards, lions, zebras, hyenas, several antelope species and lots of beautiful bird species. You will then set out on travel to Kigali City, west of Akagyera National Park and be in time for your outbound flight. Your safari guide will escort you to the airport to mark end of your tour into Rwanda.