5 Days Primate and wildlife safari

Safari highlights

  5 Days  primate and wildlife safari. A short Uganda that starts from the center of the country, ascends out of the Victoria basin, traverses from northern to southern hemisphere and back and gives the ultimate of Uganda safari. The travelers get an opportunity to do Uganda game safaris in 2 different national parks, each unique in its own way. The gorilla trekking expedition is done in highland settings in enclosed rain-forests. The chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth brings travelers closest to humankind’s closest wildlife cousins in the wilderness.

5 Days Primate and wildlife safari

Detailed safari activities  

Lake Mburo National Park; Gameviewing drive

Bwindi Impenetrable; Mountain gorilla trekking

Queen Elizabeth national park; Chimpanzee tracking

   Gameviewing safari


Day 1: Arrival and travel to Lake Mburo

Your safari guide on tour of Uganda will pick you up as your plane touches down at Entebbe International Airport. Over a cup of coffee will welcome to tour of Uganda sharing with you major highlights of your safari. Shortly, you embark on a 3-hour road travel to Lake Mburo. Many mammal species grazing by the roadside lighten up your safari into Uganda. You check in your hotel in time for dinner and mingling with other travelers on tour of Uganda.

Day 2: Game viewing drive, travel to Bwindi

You will take an early break fast and set out for an early morning game drive. Lake Mburo woodlands are teeming with large herds of wildlife and your safari guide will explore the right corners and discover their hideouts.  This is an opportunity to traverse the wilderness and live your Uganda safari dreams. Shortly, you embark on travel to Bwindi and traverse the Ankole plateaus before acsending into Kigezi highlands. The Bwindis, thick, mistcovered highland rainforests welcome you into your hotel at sunset.

Day 3: Mountain gorilla tracking, travel to Queen Elizabeth

Gorilla trek expeditions are fun, exciting, breathtaking but equally tiring. Get up at first light and a hot cup of coffee will erase all the coldness of the night. Your safari guide will escort you to gorilla trekking assembling point to meet up with other gorilla trekking members and complete all pre gorilla trekking procedures. The ranger escorts lead you into the rainforests. The team will traverse the forests, exploring all quiet corners and tracking all the footprints in search of families of feeding gorillas. The gorilla trekking visitors are regulated at maximum one hour of interaction, observing and discovering unique things about the gorillas. You will descend out of the rainforest and embark on travel to Queen Elizabeth national park through the Ishasha wilderness. You will check into your hotel at sunset and share your Uganda safari and gorilla trekking experiences with fellow travelers.

Day 4:  Chimp tracking, boat cruise, sunset game drive

The chimpanzee tracking in Queen Elizabeth is an exciting Uganda safari activity in a league of its own. The chimpanzees in Queen Elizabeth inhabit a riverline forest in a steep gorge in the midst of savannah grasslands. Ranger escorts will lead you and wander into the wilderness. The team wandering into the wilderness has high chances of meeting up more closely with grassland wildlife species. The afternoon boat cruise on the Kazinga channel comes as a relief that gives you maximum opportunities to spot many wildlife species in a less tiring and more relaxed way. You bump into many wildlife species and top up your Uganda safari sightings en route to your hotel.