5 Top Safari Activities in Mabira forest reserve

5 Top Safari Activities in Mabira forest reserve: Mabira forest reserve is one the best natural forest reserves in Uganda. It thrills in the central part of Uganda the pearl of Africa along Kampala- Jinja highway which is approximately a 45minutes drive from Kampala the capital city of Uganda. Mabira forest reserve offers a variety of tourist activities done while on a Uganda safari though most people usually make a stopover at this forest on the way to and from Jinja. However, taking on a safari to Mabira forest national reserve is such a rewarding and memorable experience as you enjoy some of the activities within the forest and the surroundings. Mabira forest is a habitat to different fauna species including primates, mammals, birds, butterflies and many other wildlife that call this forest their home. The forest as well harbors a several flora species being the best and only forest reserve in Central part of Uganda.

5 Top Safari Activities in Mabira Forest Reserve

Mabira forest is the best place that can be visited by anyone regardless of age.  It’s the best place for picnic, camping, school children trip, family safari, group tours and many more.

5 Top Safari Activities in Mabira Forest Reserve
Zip Lining in Mabira Forest

Below are the 5 Top Safari Activities in Mabira forest reserve and they include zip lining, Nature walks, birding, mountain biking and Mangabey monkey trekking.

  1. Zip lining in Mabira forest: Zip lining is the major tourist activity out of the top 5 things enjoyed in Mabira forest and one of the best zip lining in East Africa where tourists enjoy a walk onto of the tree canopy while sighting plenty of attractions that thrills with in the forest such as primates like Mangabey monkeys, abundant of bird species and many more. Zip lining in Mabira forest can be done at any given period of time throughout the day.
  2. Nature walks in Mabira forest: Mabira offers the best nature walks where tourists can as well enjoy a walk without the guide but opting for a guided nature is more rewarding as an experienced guide helps in explaining more about the fauna and flora of the forest. There is no particular fitness level required to enjoy this walk since the trails easy and passable thus manageable by even the children and aged people. During the walking safari in mabira forest, you need to follow the designated walking trails that will take you deep into the forest as you explore the best of the forest dwellers including primates, mammals, butterflies, and the entire flora of the forest among others
  3. Mountain Biking in Mabira forest: This is yet the other way to explore the best of Mabira forest. Taking on a bicycle ride along well maintained trails in the forest is such a fascinating activity enjoyed in Mabira forest enabling one to explore the forest on a bicycle and the surrounding areas including the tea farms, sugarcane plantations and many more. You may choose to rent a bicycle at Griffins Falls Camp or from Jinja. Obviously the encounters during biking in Mabira forest are remarkable and worth the adventure while on a Uganda safari tour to Mabira forest.
  4. Mangabey monkey trekking in Mabira forest: Trekking these rare species of monkeys yet another thrilling activity done in Mabira forest.  Mangabey monkeys are very rare and spotted in a few destinations and in Uganda, Mangabey monkeys are only trekked in Mabira forest Reserve where 3 troops have been habituated for trekking. While trekking these monkeys, you will be rewarded with an encounter with other primates, mammals, birds, butterflies and many more unique species that call Mabira forest their habitat.
  5. Birding in Mabira forest: Like any other forested area in Uganda, Uganda is one of the important birding area in the pearl of Africa. Mabira forest harbors more than 300 species of birds thus during birding adventure, be sure to spot as many of them as possible. Some of the bird species to look out for in Mabira forest include; Reed cormorant, Hadada ibis, blue crested monarch, Western black headed oriole, Ring-necked Dove, Cassin hawk-eagle, Speckled Tinker bird, Little Greenbul, Red head bluebill, Blake bellied seed cracker, Black headed heron, Yellow pied wagtail, Marabou stork, Yellow-billed kite, Black-shouldered Kite, Black-crowned waxbill, Hooded vulture, Marabou stork, Forest Robin, Hadada Ibis, Red eyed dove, Grey capped wabler, Eastern Grey Plantain-eater, Red-chested Cuckoo, ack throated Apalis, Great Blue Turaco, Crested Guinea fowl, Green hylia, Crowned eagle, Hawk eagle, African Thrush and many more. All you need to enjoy birding in Mabira forest is carrying a pair of binoculars and hire an experienced birder.

With all the mentioned tourist activities, Mabira forest is indeed one of the destinations to explore while on a Uganda safari any day any time. At Achieve Global safaris, we are always ready to take you for a breath taking safari to Mabira forest and any other destinations in Uganda, Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya and Tanzania. Let us know how you wish to enjoy your next adventure with us.

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