8 Days Best of Rwanda Primate safari

8 days Rwanda primate safari is simply the  experience of a life time you can get from Rwanda, it entails,  mingling your self with Rwanda gorillas in a thrilling gorilla trekking exercise , later trekking the shy but cute golden monkeys in the same location  as while as  taking a hike to musanze caves.  later you will depart from  Volcanoes park and trasnfer to Nyungwe forest national park fora chimpanzee trekking experience along side other activities such as canopy walk.


Our staff and your safari driver on tour into Rwanda will welcome you on arriving at Kigali International Airport. A short drive later your will check into your hotel in the outskirts of Kigali City and discuss at length about your safari into Rwanda.


Travel to Nyungwe is full of exciting sightings and starts shortly after breakfast. The beauty of Rwandan countryside is unique in its own way. To many travelers on tour into Rwanda, Rwanda is the kind of beautiful country they would dream to live in all their lifetime.   The famous National Museum at Butare merits a visit, and the traditional King’s Palace at Nyanza is a historic monument that stores stories from the past forming the foundation stone on which Rwanda as a country is built.


Tracking chimpanzees in Nyungwe montane forests starts early morning. These giant primates are highly mobile and it is appropriate to track them before they have ventured deeper into the forests.  You will set out with ranger escorts and wander into the forests shortly after first light. Explore the forests and rangers will traverse the corners they suspect the families of chimpanzees to be in. Soon, rangers will discover the hidden corners with large families of chimpanzees going about their routine activities of the day.  Chimpanzee tracking regulations on tour into Rwanda are minimised to maximum one hour.

You will resume your safari into Rwanda next activity of the day after your picnic lunch under cool shade of huge trees. The canopy walk on tour into Rwanda is done on a bridge suspended 70m above ground into the canopy of this beautiful montane forest. Travelers on tour of Rwanda get an aerial bird’s eye view of Rwanda beyond a naked eye could see.

DAY 4: travel to musanze

Today Rwanda safari activity is dominated by long travel to the mountain gorilla zones in the volcanic Virunga coridor that stretches into DR Congo and Uganda. The monotony of this long drive is spiced by beautiful sightings of the Rwandan countryside with mountains tilled with banana and other food crops and the scenic sightings of Lake Kivu that extends into DR Congo. It is highly recommendable for travelers on safari into Rwanda to have a lunch break in Gisenyi lakeside town and later venture for a one-hour boat cruise before proceeding to their hotel in Musanze 30 minutes later.


You safari driver on tour into Rwanda will escort you to the gorilla trekking start off point to meet up with other gorilla trekking members, registration, checking for health status as per Rwanda gorilla trek regulations. You will set out shortly with ranger escorts and descend into the thick rainforests. Gorilla trekking is a tedious exercise that involves gorilla trekking teams moving in the footpaths of feeding gorilla to catch up with them. Gorilla trekking is fun, it is exciting and at times hard. Your presence and interaction with gorillas is limited up to an hour. You then begin retreat and descending out of the rainforests to mark end of gorilla trek safari into Rwanda.


The Golden monkey is one of the most rare primate species in the Virunga corridor that shares the same habitat as Mountain gorillas, has similar survival challenges and their existence is equally threatened. Tracking the Golden monkeys is not as challenging as trekking gorillas, but the plight and excitement of spending an hour interacting with them, is equally the same. You set out in the morning with ranger escorts and traverse the rainforest into the bamboo zones; their most ideal food plant. Shortly, you descend back to the main trailhead to reunite with your Rwanda safari guide and travel to your hotel in time for lunch.

There is no better way to climax the excitement of a successful safari into Rwanda after tracking chimpanzees, trekking gorillas and golden monkeys, than taking a tour of the Gorilla guardians’ village on the edges of Volcanos national park. Each member in this community has interacted in some way with gorillas and has a unique story to tell. They are great partners in gorilla protection and wildlife conservation efforts. Listen to their songs, dance to their music and admire their traditional dress. They have beautiful souvenir items to commemorate your safari into Rwanda on sale.


Enjoy your morning sleep and last day of your safari into Rwanda in the countryside. You will set ou shortly after breakfast and descend from the Virunga volanic zones for a 3-hour road travel to Kigali city. Kigali is a city with strange historical background which travelers on Rwanda tour always find interesting. Your guide will take you on city tour of prominent structures. Later after dinner you may venture out and sample Kigali city night life.


This day is your last on safari into Rwanda. The activities are dependent on your departure flight schedule. Your guide on tour of Rwanda will escort you on to Kigali International Airport in time for your flight.