8 Days Primates and Uganda wildlife

8 Days primates and Savannah wilderness safari


Welcome for your safari into Uganda to view game in the wilderness, trek gorillas and chimpanzees in the rainforests. Our representative and safari guide on your tour into Uganda will pick you up on arrival at Entebbe International Airport. Meet and greet and briefly share the Uganda safari experiences and best way to achieve your Uganda safari expectations.


Your adventurous safari into Uganda sets in motion after breakfast. The safari driver will pick you up and begin travel to Fort Portal traversing through indigenous communities’ crop estates, bushlands and wetlands before checking into your hotel on the edge of Kibale rainforest in time for lunch. Make use of the rest of afternoon to walk through indigenous communities and get Uganda safari experiences in the countryside and to acclamatise to the natural setting.


Your safari guide will drop you at Kanyanchu chimpanzee tracking starting point in time for registration, briefing about chimapanzee tracking regulations and brief introduction to the rest of tracking members. Rangers escorts shortly ascend with you deep into the rainforest and you traverse corners with clues of chimpanzee presence. On your personal note explore in your own way and discover your version of how the different wildlife species coexist with each other. The ranger guides are well equiped with skills and knowlwdge to make chimpanzee tracking safari in Uganda one of the most memorable experiences of your life. Interaction with the chimpanzees once sighted is restricted to maximum one hour within which you grasp as much knowlwdge and experiences as you can. You will visit a community based wildlife sanctuary on the edges of the park to explore and experience the everyday relations between the communities and the wildlife. 

DAY 4: Travel to plain savanna

Today your travel to Queen Elizabeth begins shortly after breakfast. The travel takes you some scenic land features with craters and crater lakes standing out. You will wander through large banana / plantain estates to cheers of playing kids by the roadside. On clear days you sight snow covered peaks of the Ruwenzori; a giant very visible from all corners.  This day’s Uganda tour takes you to Lake Katwe and your visit the salt mining works to get physical geographic experiences. You will check into your hotel in time to observe one of the most stunning sunsets, such a kind visible on tour of Uganda.

DAY 5: gameviewing safari, explore the KAZINGA CHANNEL

The excitement of game viewing on tour of Uganda starts long before first light of the day. Your safari guide picks you up and you travel into the wilderness. You wander in the grasslands and traverse the Edward rift in search of the most beautiful widlife sightings. Kasenyi circuit is so ideal to give a try and encounter large herds of grazing herbivores often with predators following in their footmarks scheming for an opportunity to strike. The 2-hour afternoon boat cruise is one of the must do activites on tour of Uganda for it gets travelers at an arm’s length close to widlife. You may opt for a sunset game viewing drive or relax in the comfort of your hotel and enjoy unique feelings of tour into Uganda


Set out of the hotel after breakfast and begin on travel to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest. You will wander through the Ishasha plains and explore the Edward flats and the search may discover prides of lions perched in the fig tree branches. You will check into the Bwindi and discover a place like no other on earth. Shortly, the site guide will escort you through a community walk to interact with indigenous people and share life experiences.


The excitement of trekking gorillas is not easy to explain. Your guide on tour of Uganda will escort you to the gorilla trekking start off point in the morning. The trekking teams shortly set out for the thick jungles with ranger escorts. You will wander in the wilderness and the rangers will traverse the thickets travelling in the footpaths of gorillas. The rainforest is very vibrant with wildlife other than the gorillas and the gorilla trekking teams explore and discover the inter dependence of wildlife species. You will spend maximum one hour observing, learning about, taking photos of and interacting with the gorillas keeping within the recommended safe distance. You will shortly set out for your hotel on the shores of Lake Bunyonyi to refresh, cool off and allow lake breezes sooth your tired bodies.


You will set out in the morning after breakfast on your travel out of the gorilla zones and wander through the beautiful Ankole plateaus teeming with large herds of longhorned Ankole cattle. Your travel will break at the equator line crossing point to grab unique Uganda safari photo opportunity. You will arrive in Kampala city and your guide on tour of Uganda will escort you to the place of your choice to end your safari in Uganda.