A visit to Batwa People

A visit To the Batwa People: The Batwa people are the pygmies and the inhabitants of the Bwindi forest, they were hunters, fruit gatherers. They lived in all the forests of south western Uganda and in the neighboring countries of Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo.

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They were good conservationists because they lived in harmony with nature but evicted from their home “forest” because they didn’t have any say. They would have been compensated. Many organizations have given Batwa people the voice, improved their living conditions, medical care and education.

A visit  To the Batwa People
A visit To the Batwa People

The experience in Buhoma area and the Buniga forest walks gives you the foretaste into the lives, dignity, cultural practices and traditions of the Batwa pygmies. 

These cultural performances are performed by mainly the Batwa and Bakiga people. These people tell the tourists their cultural activities and how they live their life hence perform traditional dances, craft activities include basket making, chair, bed, pottery and others plus farming skills to enjoy while on a visit To the Batwa People.

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