Aberdare National Park is most famous of its majestic peaks, moorlands and intriguing falls which are habitat for wide range of wildlife such as elephant, black rhinos, leopards, spotted hyenas, olive baboons, black and white colobus monkeys, buffaloes, warthogs and bushbucks many more. Other unique species to be spotted include; Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat and the blue duiker among others. Tourists who visit the park can enjoy indulge in picnics, trout fishing in the rivers and camping in the moorlands.  Birding is also a rewarding attraction in the park, the park has over 250 species of birds including; the Jackson’s Francolin, Sparrow hawks, goshawks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers many more.

Generally, Aberdare National Park sits about 100 kilometers north of Nairobi and stretches over a wide range of terrain at elevations from 2,000 meters to 4,000 meters.  More so, the park was established in 1950 and covers an area of about 766 square kilometers and forms part of the Aberdare Mountain Range. The park contains scenic range of landscapes from mountain peaks that rise to 4,000-meter, above sea level, to their deep, V-shaped valleys bisected by streams, rivers and waterfalls.  The park is under management of Kenya Wildlife Service.

Attractions in Aberdare National Park

Game animals can easily be seen in the park during game viewing such as; black and white colobus monkey, African Elephant, black rhino, leopard, spotted hyena, Sykes monkeys, cape buffalo, warthogs, common zebra, bushbuck, reedbuck.

Rare species to see include; Giant Forest hog, bongo, golden cat, serval cat, African wild cat, African civet cat, blue duiker.

The beautiful sceneries of the park like stunning waterfalls with the main ones being Karuru waterfalls which falls in three steps ,1st step 117M,2nd step 26M and 3rd 130 M which make a total of 273M, Chania waterfalls among other smaller ones.

There are many ridges and river valleys which attract mountain scenery photographers.

A recent marked attraction in Aberdare is the 400 kilometers electric fence which was finished on 28th August 2009.The fence protects the whole Aberdare ecosystem all away from human pressures and contains wildlife as well as preventing humans.

Travelers can also indulge in picnics, trout fishing which is done in the rivers and camping in the Moorlands.

Birdlife; Aberdare is home to over 250 bird species where the Aberdare Cisticola -a critically endangered, Jackson’s francolin and the regionally endemic to see – sparry hawk, goshawaks, eagles, sunbirds and plovers among others.

Activities to do in Aberdare National Park

They include; Camping, Bird watching, Photography, Game viewing, Tennis, Horse riding, Hiking, Nature Walk and Trekking

Horseback riding

This is a rewardable adventure that brings beautiful nature close you and is done under the experienced guide who leads you for quite unforgettable experience in life.


This is thrilling activity done in the middle of the wilderness – it’s a 9-hole Golf Course within the game sanctuary. Visitors can carry their own clubs or hire them from the club. As you join in for this wonderful experience at the club, you can enjoy tee off amidst the wildlife that wonder on the course to forage for food.


While at the park, guests can search out notable birds as they walk within the Game Sanctuary but you can also do it on a drive as an exception to the elderly who require assistance.  You can do it by the guide who informs you about the plethora of birds one can sight see.  There is abundant of bird species which can be seen on your birding tour. Although, the most conspicuous group is the sunbird, including seven species such as Tacazze sunbird, Golden-winged sunbird, the emerald-green Malachite sunbird and the tiny and Double collared sunbirds many more.

Aberdare National Park
emerald-green Malachite sunbird


This is aromatic lifetime experience   while in the middle of the wilderness where you can sit as a couple enjoying a cocktail or dawa with a perfect view of the Aberdare ranges, Mount Kenya and of the Solio Ranch from the Kamatongu Hill. This is a truly perfect and unforgettable lifetime encounter.

Nature walks

This is an interesting life experience that takes place within Aberdare Country Club Game Sanctuary, covering an area of over 1300 acres, home to variety of wildlife and birds, flora and fauna. It is best enjoyed on foot and those who need assistance and cannot walk can be arranged a drive to tour them around but can not be rewarding like one on foot.

Champagne breakfast

This is quite memorable and delight full experience where you can enjoy full Champagne breakfast in the Aberdare Game Sanctuary with a view of the Aberdare Ranges and Solio Ranch in the distance as a backdrop. On your visit to the park, never leave the park minus experience this activity.

Bush Culinary Experience

This is truly a gorgeous experience carried out in the middle of the wilderness, as the professional chef range bush table – breakfast /lunch /dinner with delicious meals, soft drinks surprises.

Self-drive experience

While at the park you can do half or full day safari to the Salient and the Moorlands in Aberdare National Park. You can be able to search the plains for plethora of animal’s activity and enjoy perfect photography for your future remembrance. Game drive allows you to adventure animal species like Black Rhino, Lions, Leopards, buffaloes, cheetahs and zebras which can be spotted in number.

Visit the Solio Game Reserve

The Solio Reserve is home to these special species both black and white rhinos thus one of the most successful private rhino breeding reserves in K    enya. Wildlife to see includes impala, Zebra, Thomson gazelle and Oryx many more.

Chimpanzee Trekking

On visit to Aberdare, you can choose to engage in chimpanzee trekking at OL Pajeta Conservancy in Nanyuki where a guest is allowed one hour with them, as get to learn about their amazing behaviors, feeding, playing, grooming their young ones among others.

Traveler can decide to do a combined safari Kenya to Uganda’s Mountain Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park which can be encountered through Gorilla Trekking Experience. Bwindi National Park is a home to half remaining endangered mountain gorillas in the wild, located in the southwestern region of Uganda estimating 8 to 9 hours’ drive.

Kenya to Uganda Destination

From Kenya, you can fly from Wilson Airport to Entebbe International Airport. Then book a domestic flight to fly you to Kihihi or Kisoro Airstrip -nearest airstrip to Bwindi ‘’1:30hours.

Accommodations in Aberdare National Park

There is no worry where to stay while on visit to Aberdare National Park, because it has got quality accommodation ranging from Luxury, Mid-range and Budget lodges, hotels and campsites, includes Treetops lodge, Fishing Lodge, Honi Campsite, Shamata Campsite, Bill Woodley Campsite, P.C Haj ’is Campsite among others.

How to get there;

 By Road; The park can be accessible on tarmac from Nyeri and Naro Moru on the Eastern side and it’s 150 kilometers from Nairobi.

By Air; You can fly to the park to its nearest airstrip called Mweiga Airstrip on the opposite side from Park Headsquare along Nyeri – Nyahururu road near Sasini Estate Farm.

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