Attractions to see in Meru National Park;

Meru National Park


Meru National Park is home to all the big5 animals including the lions, rhinos, elephants, buffaloes and leopards.

Other different kinds of animals to see include; Harte beests, dik-dik, bush backs, Grevy’s zebras, Buhor reedbucks many more. The park also inhabits range of reptiles including Pythons, Puff adders many more.


Meru National Park is a birder’s paradise with 400 bird species and it’s list includes; brown becked woodpecker, hornbills, palm nut vultures, secretary bird, red necked falcon, rollers, long tailed fiscal ,Somali ostrich ,Hartland’s bustard ,Eastern chanting pigeon ,Columba guinea ,Remeron pigeon ,wattled starling  among others.


The park is covered with range of vibrant vegetation that is categorized into five ‘’5’’ ; the woodland of 1036meter ,the termite molds ,Khaki grassland and they rivers. Tourists who visit the park usually enjoy the beauty of the landscape around.

Weather and Climate;

Meru National Park is warm and humid all year round. The dry season happens between November – April. The wet season tend to happen around May up to October ‘’receiving the heaviest rains.

The park is also experiencing periodic winds that can creates dust, storms and cooler temperature depending on the direction -they are blowing and all this effect is because is locate near the Equator.

Adamson’s fall;

This Adamson’s fall raises 50 meter high and are found in the Hastings. Adamson falls were named after the first European to settle in outskirts of the park and this was George Adamson and his wife Joy Adamson.

They can easily be accessed during nature walk activity.

Activities to do in Meru National Park

Game drive;

This is an exciting activity done in an open plain of the park. While on game drive you will be able to watch wildlife species like all the Big5 and other animals present include; cheetahs, Grey’s zebras, hart beests, bushbuck, dik-dik antelopes, lions, buffaloes many more. Although, big cats are more difficult to see in the park due to the thick trees and tall grass cover of the bush land inside the park.

Meru National Park
Game Drive


The national park is a loving place to go for bird watching since it hosts more than 400 bird species including; brown becked woodpecker, hornbills, Masai Ostrich, Sunbirds, palm nut vultures, Remeron pigeon, white billed go away bird, secretary bird, red necked falcon, roller, long tailed fiscal, Masai ostrich, Somali ostrich, Hartland’s bustard, wattled sterling  many more.

Cultural visits

 Cultural visit in Meru National Park   offers a rewardable traditional entertainment by the local people who live to the nearby local communities like the tharaka community close to the park that gives tourists a great insight on the traditional lifestyle and cultures of people living here and enjoying a unique species to your safari.


This is one of the fun activities one shouldn’t miss out during a safari at the park -where you experience catching plentiful catfish, tilapia and barbell.

Visit Meru Rhino Sanctuary

This is one of the major activities that gives you close range view of the rhinoceros and make your dream adventure true.

Best time to Meru National Park;

The park can be visited all year round though the best time is during the long dry season of July to October. During this time of the year – animals are easily seen since they can attract to permanent water sources like rivers that never dry and the remaining water holes, muddy pools. It doesn’t provide much- needed drinking water but also nourish the nearby vegetation thus giving great chance of viewing many wildlife species and clear vegetation.

Roads and trails are easy to access due to its driest -so driving through the park while on Game drives is passible for your experienced guides.

Generally, Meru National Park is referred to as a complete wilderness and was initially gazette as a national park in 1990, following of the death George Adamson by poachers. Moreso, the park lies east of Meru ,350 from Nairobi. It covers an area of about 870 square kilometers. More so, Meru is one of the most known game parks in Kenya. Although it is the least among them. River Tana crosses through the park ‘’Meru’’.

The park is comprised of rivers, grasslands, swamps and termites created mounds. It is a famous safari destination because the film Born free created by George Adamson and Joy Adamson in 1966 and it was published in 1968. More fact about the Meru, it’s where Elsa the lioness was raised and was buried in this park and park of Joy Adamson’s ashes were scattered on her gravesite.

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