Activities In Akagera National Park :  Akagera National Park safari is a famously known safari destination that inhabits all the big five mammal and among other animal species. The park is located in the eastern Rwanda region covering about 1,122 square kilometers along the international border with Tanzania. Despite the fact, it become a gazette area in 1934 and its area is comprised of savannah, montane and swamp habitats. The park derives its name from the Kagera River which flow along its eastern boundary running into Lake Ihema and other smaller lakes, surrounded by papyrus swamps thus making up over a third of the park.  More fact, Akagera National Park is home to all of Africa’s big five such as Lion, African, Leopard, African bush elephant, rhinoceros and African buffalo among others – antelopes like Burchell’s zebra, giraffes, impala, Topi, sitatunga, jackals and hyenas many more. However, the park boasts with a lot of remarkable activities like Boat rides, Day and night game drives, Fishing, Camping, Community cultural experience, Birding, Behind the scenes and walk many more.

Activities in Akagera National Park;

Game drives in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is a place of its kind that attracts visitors who wishes to explore wildlife animals in Rwanda, especially the Big Five mammals. However, game drive is the highlight activity in the park which can be done in three sessions morning, evening and night game drive.

Morning game drive offers the most game adventure and rewards more of the big cats. Like lions, leopard can easily be seen in the morning before they return back to their hides. Other mammal species to see include herds of elephants, buffaloes as well as birds’ life many more.

Night game drives; They give visitors a great chance to view the nocturnal animals like bush babies, serval cats, leopards, lions, hyenas, civet many more.

Boat tour in Akagera

Visitors in Akagera National park   can do a lot of activities like boat cruise which can be done on Lake Ihema – the second biggest lake in Rwanda. Visitors can drift along the forest fringed body of water and they have chances to sight see aquatic animals like hippos and crocodiles.

Boat trips in Akagera National Park can be conducted in four times at 7:30am ,9am ,3pm and 4:30pm respectively. They also have non-scheduled boat trips available in the park for visitors who wish to take private boat trips on the lake.

Along the boat trip in Akagera, you will be able to sign water birds like rare shoebill stocks.

Birding tour in Akagera National Park

Akagera National Park is one of the best places that any attracts birders on their visit to Rwanda Safari. The park is home to over 500 bird species which are best spotted in morning and evening hours. Visitors can spot bird species like egrets, crowned cranes, herons, swamp Fly Catchers, Red-faced barbets, marabou stocks, egrets   as well as shoe bill stock mentioned but few.

Fishing activities in Akagera National Park

Fishing experience in Akagera National Park can be done on Lake Shakani a water body that inhabits variety of fish species especially Tilapia and catfish.  So, visitors wishing to take part in fishing activities are advised to carry their own equipment.

Activities In Akagera National Park

Hiking and Guided Nature Walks

The park   has got interesting trails where guided nature walk can be conducted with rewardable view of variety of flora and fauna species like plant, tree, butterfly, insect and bird species many more.

Cultural Experience in the Community -Akagera National Park

You cannot visit the park without a visit to the communities within and near the park. Community cultural tour in Akagera gives a great opportunity to explore the beautiful Rwandan culture and her people. Visiting the local people, you will be able to learn about their amazing lifestyles, making of banana beer and enjoying their amazing traditional dance.

Behind the scenes

Travelers visiting the park   can visit the park’s headquarters where you will meet the staff and also learn about the park’s conservation projects.

Walk the line hiking tour in Akagera National Park

The park offers an opportunity to visitors who visits here to experience the step in the shoes of its fence attendants. The walking experience can take about 2 hours while walking along a 120kilometers perimeters fence and the walking trails is secure.

The walking experience begins at the park’s entrance and the walk takes you through beautiful hills within the park and hike ends on top of a ridge. While on the top of the ridge visitors can enjoy gainful view of the park I all directions. We recommend you to carry enough mineral water in order not to suffer dehydrated.

Well, Akagera National Park is the second remarkable Rwanda National Park that offers with many activities for visitors on their Safari to Rwanda.

Accessibility; From Kigali town or airport to Akagera National Park Rwanda it takes 2 hours and 30 minutes’ drive. One can drive from Kigali to Mgahinga National Park or Bwindi Impenetrable National Park Uganda through border crossing ‘’Chanika border’’ to respective destination within 4 to 5 hours’ drive.

Travelers on Rwanda safari can combine a visit to Akagera with a visit to Bwindi National Park for Gorilla trekking experience.

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