Activities in Nyungwe National Park are quite an unforgettable lifetime adventure for travelers who wish to be part of gorgeous safari activities. Through adventuring the beautiful nature and wildlife species. However, Nyungwe National Park is one of the oldest protected rain forests in Africa it sits in southwestern Rwanda and covers an area of about 1,019 square kilometers including; Cyamudongo a fragmented forest known as home to a wide range of chimpanzee groups.

More so, the park hosts a high number of chimpanzee species as well as 12 other species of primates, more than 300 bird species, 29 bird species that are endemic to the Albertine rift, and over 1000 beautiful plant species. Birds to spot include; Purple –breasted sunbird, Red-collared babbler, Red-faced woodland warbler, Ruwenzori Apalis, Ruwenzori turaco, Shelley’s crimson wing, Strange weaver, Rockefeller’s sunbirds, Red-throated alethe, Red-faced woodland warbler, Red–collared babbler, mountain masked Apalis, Grauer’s swamp warbler, Dusky crimson wing, Yellow-eyed black flycatcher, Albertine owlet among others.

Below are the things to do in the Nyungwe National Park that attracts many visitors to flock into here to take part in them including; Guided nature walk, Canopy walk, tropical waterfall, chimpanzee tracking, camping, and bird watching among others.

Bird watching

Birding in Nyungwe National Park is one of the best-done activities, especially for those who are birder lovers, and because the park is a truly untouched tropical rain forest and home to more than 300 bird species that can be seen on a birding tour. Birding in Nyungwe goes at USD50 foreign nonresidents per person, USD40 foreign residents –per person, East African Community nationals pay USD 10 per person and foreign residents pay USD40 per person, Rwanda residents pay Rwf 5000 per person, Rwandan students pay Rwf 2000 per person, East Africa Community ‘’EAC’’ student pay USD5 per person and Foreign residents students pay USD20 per person.

What to carry on your birding safaris in Nyungwe National Park include; personnel National ID, permit or passport, enough drinking water, binoculars, a camera, and a guided book also recommended.

Activities in Nyungwe National Park
Nyungwe Chimps

Guided nature walk

The park stuns with different hiking trails which can take 4 hours to 3 days to hike. Within the park, there are raised 130 kilometers of well-constructed hiking trails that are found in this national park including the Congo Nile divide as the longest one, Imbaraga as the most difficult one as well as Igishigishigi trail as the shortest one. Along these trails will be able to spot notable bird species, beautiful vegetation, and primates species among others. Items to pack when going for nature walk trails include; Hiking stick, raincoat, camera, permits, hiking boots, drinking water, drinking water, passport permits, or National ID.

Nyungwe nature walk goes –costs per person at; Foreign nonresident pays USD40 per person

Foreign resident costs USD30 per person

Rwanda resident costs Rwf 3,000

East Africa Community ‘’EAC’’ national costs USD5 per person

Foreigner residents cost USD30

Rwanda student costs Rwf 1,500

East Africa Community students cost USD3

Foreign Resident Student cost USD20

Canopy walkway

The canopy walkway is allocated near the Igishigishigi trail is a high suspension bridge with spectacular views over the valley and the surrounding forests. However, the canopy walk activity is the second done activity after chimpanzee trekking. This fabulous activity was officially open for both domestic and international tourism in 2012. More so, the canopy walkway is a rewarding lifetime experience offering a breathtaking view of the endless Nyungwe Forest view from the top. It starts at 9 am and the last session of the canopy walkway in Nyungwe is at 3 pm.

Canopy walkway in Nyungwe costs per person; Foreign nonresident costs USD60

Foreign resident costs USD50

Rwanda residents cost Rwf 5000

East Africa Community nationals pay USD10, and foreign residents pay USD50

Rwanda students pay Rwf5000

East Africa Community students pay USD5 and foreign resident students USD25

Chimpanzee Tracking /trekking

Nyungwe national park boasts a high concentration of chimpanzee species and is a major done activity in the park. There is no best season to visit these chimps here because it’s all year round. The chimpanzee tracking is more of a fun and memorable encounter of experiencing the stunning life of our closest related cousins who are said to be 98% genes to humans, in their natural habitat. Chimpanzee tracking starts early in the morning after your morning breakfast, go for a short briefing at the park headquarter. Then after you head out to tracking trails to look for them. Once you allocate them an hour is given to you to learn from their behaviors, feed, play as well as enjoy photo shooting for your future remembrance.

Chimpanzee tracking –trekking in Nyungwe costs –per person per day;

Foreign nonresident costs USD150

Foreign resident costs USD75

Rwandan citizens pay USD25

Items to carry with you on chimpanzee trekking tours include; binoculars, rain gear, hiking boots with gaiters, water and snacks, and walking sticks among others.


Camping is also part of interesting activities in Nyungwe National Park. Mean, camping is the best option to be able to spend the night in the park at affordable fees. Most the camping sites are located near the forest thus giving a rewardable view of the canopy forest.

These campsites and tents are well pitched on the wooden platform and well covered on top to prevent rain from entering. Campfire can be littered in the evening hours for your warmth, offer modern toilet and spacious bathrooms

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