Africa’s Big Five Animals : Tourists who visit in Africa always have their big interest in seeing the big five animals which are considered to be the main animals in the whole of Africa and these individuals have a common slogan that they use to refer to these animals and this is known as “the big five”. In addition, this is considered and commonly used as a marketing phrase by many tour operators. More so, the big five derived its name from the big game hunters in Africa who used to experience great difficulty while hunting these animals in Africa while on foot and for tourists who have their big interest in seeing these animals can always choose to engage on game drives where they get good opportunities to sight see large numbers of wildlife species.  therefore, for tourists planning a safari to Africa in order to see these species, they can visit countries like; Tanzania, Uganda, Zambia, Kenya, Malawi, Botswana, Rwanda, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Zimbabwe, Namibia, Malawi and many others.

The Large African Mammal species that are also considered as the big five mammal species include the following; the Rhinos that live within the wild in the Sub-Saharan African countries, the African Buffalos, lions, leopards, the African elephant. Therefore, these are the big five animals that have led to the great development of the tourism industry in many countries, ignoring the fact that these species are known to be dangerous animals, it has still not stopped many tourists to travel from all over different parts of the world to Africa. More so, Africa is seen as a rich blessed continent that is blessed with large numbers of unique and beautiful wildlife species because it is surrounded by diverse cultures, savannah wetlands, dense forests, stunning lakes and rivers, which all act as good natural habitats to many wildlife species.

The Big Five Animals.

The African Cape buffalo.

The African Cape buffalo is known to be the least threatened and vulnerable specie among the big five animals in Africa and it weighs around 1,000 kilograms whereby the female buffalo weighs around 678 kilograms. More so, the reasons as to why the African buffalo is considered to be among the big five is that it sometimes causes grave danger most especially during the hunting because they tend to have a bad temper. And for tourists to get to see large numbers of buffalos while on their safari in Africa can opt to visit places like; Kruger national park in South Africa, kidepo valley national park in Uganda, Lower Zambezi national park which is found in Zambia, Katavi national park in Tanzania, Akagera national park in Rwanda and Chobe national park in Botswana.  

The African Leopard.

The African Leopards are animal species that are known to be more active during the in the morning and in the evening because this is when the large numbers are spotted moving around in the national parks. In addition, it is always easy for tourists to identify the African leopards because of their brown spotted fur and due to the fact that they are large in shape. More so, leopards are known to spend most of their in isolation because they are shy species compared to the other big five.  The unique part about the leopards is that they are very fast animals whereby they are able to run at a speed of about 56 kilometers per hour and they can jump 10 feet in the air and this fitness always helps them to hide from scavengers like; wild dogs, lions and hyenas.

Rhinos : Africa’s Big Five Animals

Africa’s Big Five Animals

The African Rhinos are considered to be among the big five because they are well known to have a bad temper and they react easily in case of any danger. However, tourists should note that these African Rhinos are put in two categories which include; the the black rhinos and the white rhinos and these species are noticed with some differences like; the lips of the black rhinos are pointed whereby the lips for the white Rhinos are wide and flat.  More so, the African leopards are known to be herbivorous animals and they feed on things like; fruits, thorny wood bushed and branches, leafy plants as their food among others. In addition, the Male rhinos are noticed to have a weight of around 2,896 kilograms while the female rhino’s weight ranges between 800-1,400 kilograms.

Lions : Africa’s Big Five Animals

 The African lions are considered to be the second largest animals after the tiger and they are also identified as the large cats because of their brown short fur, wispy tails, heavy mane which is most especially in the male lions. More so, these lion species can easily spotted within the savannah grasslands which tend to act as good natural habitats. Some of the facts about these lion species is that they usually spend about 20 good hours sleeping and they feed on other animals like their prey such as; zebras, antelopes, buffalos, and many others.

African elephants : Africa’s Big Five Animals

The African elephants are also considered to be among the big five animals and they are unique and put into two different categories such as; the African bush elephants and the African forest elephants. In addition, the male elephants are referred to as the bulls whereby the female elephants are referred to as the cows. More so, the African bush elephants are referred to as the African savannah elephants and Herbivorous animals, which have large ears, grey skin, long tusks, concave shaped backs and many others, know them.

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