Agasha Gorilla Family; Agasha gorilla family is one of the most visited gorilla group on Rwanda Gorilla Safari found in famous Volcanoes National Park. Agasha gorilla group is a gorilla group comprised of 25 members with 2 silverbacks and it’s a group of gorillas that got its name from local Kinyarwanda word Agasha which means news. Furthermore, this gorilla family is home for over 25 individuals comprised of one silverback gorilla, twelve adult female gorillas, two sub adult female, three juveniles as well as seven baby gorillas.

This gorilla group were first led by Nyakarima whom Agasha    denotes news. Amazingly, Agashya really made news by simply viewing   imagining the size and   energy of Nyakarima but later   was overthrown by Agasha. This surprised the Nyakarima for he being defeated. Note, Agasha migrated to the volcano in order to safe guard his family thus ensuring that Nyakarima never gets them again.

Agasha Gorilla Family
Agasha Gorilla Family

Historically, the silverback of this gorilla group was known for he being forcefully grabbing gorillas from other families and succeeding the loneliness into his family and this gives a great reason for not wondering why they are such large number of gorillas. The dominate silverback is also famous for its behavior of migrating always to higher altitude with his gorilla members.

Surprisingly, whenever visitors visit this gorilla group ‘’Agashya’’ becomes suspicious of others silverback and one thing he does is to continue moving on top of the volcano.

Gorilla trekking Rwanda –Visit Agasha Gorillas

 For gorilla trekkers who are interested in visiting Rwanda Gorilla Safari, get a booking of Agasha gorilla family where you will enjoy more the true life style of our closest cousins the mountain gorillas but you must be with body fitness to manage the hike on top of view reach out to this impressive gorilla member of Agashya. Just know hiking in bamboo forest, volcanoes slopes are one of the greatest breathtaking adventure but rewards afterward with a life time experience.

Facts about Gorilla Trekking Experience

 Gorilla trekking experience is one of the unforgettable life time experience that gives chance to tourists –trackers to meet up with our close related cousins the great mountain gorillas whom are said we share 98% DNA of humans. This activity is only limited to eight individuals and one hour allowed to stay them. However, gorilla trekking can take 30 to 7hours depending on the location of gorilla group you’re assigned too. If you locate them that is the one-hour time give to you to spend with them watch how they behavior, feed, lay their nests on the ground or tree branches.

Meanwhile, Gorilla trekking starts early in the morning after visitors’ breakfast with served packed lunch box you carry with because you never know the time of coming back. Your driver guide will drive you to the park headquarters for short briefing about rules of gorilla trekking. After, the park guide leads you to the assigned gorilla group in group of eight people through forest trail heads, as your hiking you will have chances of seeing other species like birds, vegetation, scenic landscape and wildlife among others. Once you locate the gorillas one hour is given to you to observe their memorable life style as you enjoy your packed lunch boxes as well as picture taking.

Rules –Gorilla Trekking

Keep your voice at low level.

 Do not leave rubbish in the park.

Maximum number of trackers are eight to visit the habituated gorilla family.

 Keep a distance of 7 meters’ ways from the endangered mountain gorillas.

Drinks and eats are not allowed to enjoy them near the mountain gorillas.

Do not have direct eye contact.

Flash photography is not allowed

 Do not touch the mountain gorillas.

There is one hour limited for gorilla trekking.

If you’re sick of flu, diarrhea, cough you’re not allowed to trek mountain since we share a close DNA that lead to easy transmission of the infection.

Agasha Gorilla Family
Agasha Gorilla Family

Wash your hands before and after trekking.

Rwanda’s Gorilla Safaris can be done in a popular Volcanoes National Park which is located in far northwest of Rwanda and popularly known as best stopping destination to see mountain gorillas in their nature inhabitants through gorilla trekking and also a great location rich of montane ecosystems which embraces evergreen and bamboo forest, open grassland, heath as well as swamps.

Gorilla trekking in Rwanda costs USD1,500 per person per trek

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