Amboseli National Park is home to world’s concentration of African Elephant and its location offers great spectacular view of Mount Kilimanjaro known as Africa’s highest peak. The Amboseli National Park is renowned as one of Kenya’s most popular parks. The name ‘Amboseli ‘derives from Maasai word meaning ‘’salty dust’’ and one of the great places in Africa to view the highest herds of elephants up close.

Amboseli National Park

The nature lovers can explore five different habitants that ranges from the dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, wetlands with Sulphur springs, the savannah and woodlands. While on visit here, you can visit the local Maasai community who live around the park and experience their authentic culture.

Location; The park is located in Kajiado County near Nairobi city of Kenya, covers an area of about 392 square kilometers which was established in 1974 as a national park and it’s under the governing body of Kenya Wildlife Service.

Wildlife; Cheetah, Leopard, wild dogs, Buffalo, Giraffe, Elephant, Zebra, Lion, Crocodiles, Mongoose, Hyrax, Dik-dik, Lesser Kudu, spotted hyenas, Grant’s zebra, Masai giraffe and Nocturnal porcupine. They are habitants of dried-up bed of Lake Amboseli, Sulphur spring wetlands, savannah vegetation cover, open plains and woodlands, other animal to see include; hippopotamus, Thomson’s gazelle, impala, lion, cape buffaloes among others.

Due to wildlife species offers spectacular game drive and the best time to enjoy game drive is during dry season, which happens in the period of June to October. Visiting the park in dry season for animal viewing allows you to view large herds of animals crossing the sandy plains they kick up a lot of dust thus offering a great chance for photography. The best viewing place in the park is from the observation hill and at Sinet delta.

Birdlife; The park is one of the best birding experience in the world  ,hosting with over 400 species  of birds and 47 raptors species .Some of bird species includes; Pelicans ,Kingfishers ,Crakes ,hamerkop ,African jacana ,Goliath heron ,Grey crowned crane ,Hartlaub’s bustard ,Rufous chatterer ,African swamphen ,Taveta golden weaver  ,Common redshank ,Steel-blue whydah ,Dickinson’s kestrel, Spike-heeled lark ,Eurasian thick -knee ,Rufous- bellied heron ,Greater flamingo ,Pangani longclaw ,Hartlaub’s bustard ,Long-toed lapwing among others.

Lake Amboseli; This is a temporary lake that lies in northwestern region from the delta and occupying the largest portion of the park. It can be dry especially in dry season but in wet season the lake is filled up and at times floods.  More so, Lake Amboseli being dry imputes more to Nyiri desert that stretches along southern border of Kenya to Tanzania. The Lake is basin which is habitant to many animal species like elephants. Lake Amboseli is also good for camping /camping site by adventurous travelers who love camping while in Amboseli National Park.

Clear View of Mount Kilimanjaro; Amboseli National Park is one of the most scenic national parks in Kenya. While at the park you get to enjoy clear views of snowcapped Kilimanjaro peaks which offers the best photography opportunity because of the scenic view.


They are the large herds of elephants

Mount Kilimanjaro

Big Five

The observation hill which allows an overall view of the whole park especially the swamps and elephants.

Swamp below observation hill hosts many elephants, buffaloes, hippos and a variety of water fowls like pelican, Egyptian goose.

Contemporary Maasai culture and indigenous lifestyle.

Amboseli National Park
Amboseli National Park

Activities to do in Amboseli National Park;

Maasai Culture

This is memorable life experience where tourists on visit to Amboseli combine Kenya wildlife safari with visiting Masai village where you get to encounter beautiful life of Maasai like; Masai dances, traditional song and their unique way of addressing which is similar to the Karamojong of Uganda. Enjoy their culture, norms and traditional practices of the Masai people.

Game drive viewing

The park is comprised of wetlands, savannah and woodlands which are habitant to diversity of wildlife species such as large herds of elephants, cape buffaloes, lions, impalas, hyenas, zebras, wildebeests, giraffes, cheetahs many more. The area also supports several bird species which can be spotted even on game drive.

They include; Game viewing, Photography, scenic, Birding, camping.

How to get there;

By Road; The main road into the park goes from Nairobi via Namanga on the Nairobi- Arusha Road, through Meshanani Gate.

Other road is from Nairobi via Email ‘’228kilometers’’ on the Nairobi- Mombasa Road.  Access from Mombasa is mainly through Tsavo West National Park via Kimana ‘’OIkelunyiet’’ Gate.

By Air; Amboseli National Park has a single airstrip for light aircrafts at Empusel gate. Other airstrips exist at Kilimanjaro Buffalo Lodge and Namanga town.

Kenya to Uganda; You can fly from Jomo Kenyatta International Airport to Entebbe International Airport. Access Bwindi Impenetrable National Park for Gorilla trekking; Fly with a domestic flight from Airlink Uganda to Kihihi or Kisoro a nearest airstrip to the park ‘’1:30hr’’.

A traveler can combine a wildlife safari in Kenya with a Gorilla trekking Uganda in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park home to half of world’s remaining endangered mountain gorillas in the wild.

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