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Are Gorilla Treks Safe. This is a common asked question to first travelers, who want to prove right whether this gorilla trekking experience is really safe before they the start to travel. The answer is yes! Gorilla trekking is safe for every one planning to encounter these peaceful species   and is the most majestic type of primate, provided that certain considerations are made.

Gorilla trekking is really safe and always feel comfortable while experiencing this incredible activity, as you get opportunities to see the adult male gorilla ‘’silverback’’ with its huge body size that weighs up to 400 pounds and reaching around 6feet when standing. It’s exciting activity valid to feel vulnerable when seeing these mountain gorillas in the wild. The facts about these species are peaceful and intelligent apes of which their gentle nature allows us to view them up close in their natural habitat and it’s very important to remember that gorillas are wild animals and they need their freedom.

However, gorillas under the threat of extinctions it happens to destruct their habits such as agriculture and widespread poaching which leads to their decline in number. Currently there is a total of 1064 individuals that still exists in the wild, though there is some hope of their increase in number. Because of some organization that has come out to put some donations to protect the national parks where they do exist and thus Are Gorilla Treks Safe.

Sustainable tourism also can work out as a solution to reverse this downward trend. Through encountering these beautiful primates in their natural habitat which is not only activity worth it but quite contributing to their conservation.

Trackers and guides; The safety of those tourists wishing to be part of mountain gorilla trekking is in the capital hands of the expert trackers and guides. Regardless, how precarious the situation of the mountain gorilla trekking could be, its legal requirement advised to be escorted by knowledgeable guide when out on a trek. The park rangers ensure that both visitors and gorilla remain safe during the trekking time and enrich the experience with their secret knowledge of the troop.

Are Gorilla Treks Safe
Are Gorilla Treks Safe

Due to fact that, gorilla trekking is safe and secure that involves in strict rules regulating to visitors who visits these critically endangered mountain gorillas. Gorilla trekking is grouped in eight people and eight permits are issued per group per day, to avoid causing disruption to gorillas. Visitors spend only one hour in the gorilla’s presence in order to get an insight into the lives of these charismatic creatures.

While with gorillas –Step

Although you will be accompanied by the guide who will always be on hand to give you a guidance while in the vicinity of the gorillas, its useful to get clued up on how to behave into these dense thick greenery mountain forests.

Step1; if you are with gorillas look into their eyes, then take a brief moment to enjoy the activity but instantly, you will have to take your gaze off the gorilla’s eyes and look down. This show to the gorilla   that you are not threat and enjoy the activity.

Step2: Visitors always keep a safe distance if six or seven meters of about 23 feet away from gorillas. For this reason, is that gorillas we share 98% DNA to humans meaning they can easily be transmitted with human diseases such as diarrhea, cough, flu Covid-19 among other air borne diseases. And keeping a distance away from the mountain gorillas we shall be preventing the spread of any human diseases to be infect our unique creatures.

Please note this, if a gorilla moves closer to you, stay strong and let it pass by. And if you happen standing exactly where a gorilla is, just give him the space and let him move as he likes. Then if the gorilla approaches you and sits down, slowly just move away to resume the measuring distance given to you. But don’t get scared if you aren’t sure about what to do; Good enough, you will be escorted with the guide and he will be watching closely and will instruct you as to the best way to move.

Step 3; While trekking and you feel coughing, make sure you do so into your arm. This helps to prevents the gorillas from being infected with any virus you might have. If you’re ill, you won’t be allowed to trekked mountain gorillas but the best way to do it is to reschedule till you’re ok or else your money will be refunded back.

Step 4: If you come across the gorilla family you assigned in, try to keep quiet and move slowly by following the instructions of your guide. Gorillas are intelligent and gentle giants but can be surprised and might feel provoked, if you get too close, too fast. During trekking, you will be amazed to hear your guide make a belching noise on approaching the gorillas-this isn’t bad character on their side, habituated gorillas knows language to signal that they’re not threat.

Summary; Gorilla trekking is absolutely safe, where tourists are accompanied by an expert guide with right mindset and your experience with the mountain gorillas is extremely safe as you enjoy the hike and great sights of them. The best way to enjoy the activity be respectful to the animals and the environment, then you will be left with an extraordinary experience with one of the world’s rarest apes.

Lastly, never get scared of visiting or trekking gorilla safaris because this emotional activity is secure and safe to visitors in each destination where Mountain Gorilla Trekking takes place; Uganda and Rwanda are very safe countries to do gorilla trekking. In Uganda Gorilla trekking can be done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park or Mgahinga Gorilla national park and Volcanoes National Park in Rwanda. Uganda gorilla permits cost USD700 per person per day and Rwanda’s gorilla permits costs USD1,500 per person per day. Plan now a visit to one of this Gorilla Trekking Safari Destinations with no worry. You can book with us Achieve Global Safaris we offer the best tour packages to our clients and we take client our first priority.

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