Are Mountain Gorillas Found in East Africa?

Are Mountain Gorillas found in East Africa? Answer is yes, mountain gorillas are the only gorilla’s species you can see in East unlike the Western lowland, Eastern lowland among others. Therefore, the mountain gorillas in East Africa can be found in three neighboring countries Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and their population is increasing year by year. So then, Mountain gorillas in East Africa inhabits in Virunga Mountains and the rest in tropical rainforest with a total of more than 1064 individuals. For this good conservationists we dearly celebrate the increasing mountain gorilla’s population for instance of good news, even if they remain wary of the many persistent and threats the subspecies must still contend with.

The endangered mountain gorillas also known as ‘’Gorilla berengei berengei’’ a subspecies of the eastern gorilla with distinct sub populations; One occurring in Virunga Mountains and another in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable National Park. In 2011 the gorilla census were approximately 400 gorillas living in Bwindi Impenetrable National Park, meaning that the total number of mountain gorillas is increasing on high rate to more than 1,000 individuals.

According to the American primatology Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International, the current census of the Virunga sub-population confirmed that the mountain gorillas are only the great ape population whose number are known to be increasing. The research also proves about the population of mountain gorillas increase due to largely ‘’intensive daily protection’’ provided by the national park authorities and other conservationists. The research about gorilla individuals living in the Virunga Mountains, currently are of the total of 500 individuals and the biggest part of the individuals are found in Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable national park, making the total mountain gorillas population of over 1064 individuals.

Generally, mountain gorilla is listed as critically endangered on the IUCN Red List, though the IUCN’s last assessment of the subspecies threat status was updated in 2008. Mountain gorilla’s conservation status is still perilous, although they continue to face numerous threats due to their limited habitat and increasing pressures from poaching, encroaching human populations. Wires and rope are set to snare game animals like antelopes, in case they pose a significant danger. The researcher’s team who performed the census came up with a report of more than 380 snares, which they dismantled. Though they were too late at least discovered one case in which they came upon a snare that had contained a dead gorilla.

  Are Mountain Gorillas Found in East Africa?
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There are conflicts in eastern Democratic Republic of the Congo ‘’DRC’’ that often spills over into Virunga National Park, also taking a further toll on wildlife. For this matter, five rangers and a driver were killed in an ambush by suspected members of an armed militia in what is called ‘’the deadliest attack in Virunga National Park’s History.

The report that were released by IUCN in January proved in 1925that protecting the mountain gorillas in the forest of Virunga Mountain, is one of the most threatened natural world Heritage sites in the world.

The increased growth of the mountain gorilla population is a fervent reminder of the importance of continued conservation strategies, ’Virunga National Park’s director and chief warden. Though the news is incredibly important to us.

The census of the Virunga sub-population was led by governing authorities of the ‘’DRC’’ Democratic Republic of Congo, Rwanda and Uganda. And there are three range states of the mountain gorillas that is; International Gorilla Conservation Programme, a Coalition of Fauna &Flora International and WWF.

Above all, its outstanding news for mountain gorillas and shows what we can do for wildlife when governments and their communities work together as report states .However ,the increased number of snares encountered and other threat gorillas face include climate change that indicate the battle is far from won .For this case ,countries where gorillas are found must continue to work together to safeguard the Virunga Massif but not only for the protection of these fabulous creatures ,also for the welfare of the local people around the park .The great mountain gorilla story is an amazing experience on how to maintain our earth’s precious biodiversity.

The number of these incredible animals were deadly small. Therefore, it is heartening to see how the effort of so many different groups communities, government and NGOs have played a great task on how to overcome the gorilla threat. Although, the threat to mountain gorillas haven’t disappointed entirely, the challenge is to ensure that these achievements are sustained long into the future.

Lastly, mountain gorillas in East Africa can be seen in three countries in their protected nature environment; Therefore, in Uganda mountain gorillas can be trekked in two national park Bwindi Impenetrable Forest and Mgahinga Gorilla national park both hosts 23 habituated gorilla families and Rwanda –Volcanoes national park hosting 17 gorilla families /groups and Congo –Virunga national park boasting with over 8 gorilla habituated groups. Mountain Gorilla trekking is an activity done in group of 8 people, which can take 30 minute to 7 hours to allocate the gorilla group you are trekking, accompanied with the park ranger. You can try to access each destination either by road or by air the choice is yours.



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