Best places to see lions in Uganda- Where is the best places to see lions in Uganda? A traveler in order to witness that Uganda is among the best destination in Africa to see Lions is to take a safari and feel much pleasure of exploring African lions – tree climbing lions which can be seen in few destinations across the world that is Uganda in Queen Elizabeth National Park and Lake Manyara National Park in Tanzania, it’s worth a visit of seeing African lions flourishing in their natural surroundings in Africa.

Uganda as a hospitable and environmentally country has got three outstanding game parks where one can see -explore these fabulous animals playing in their natural habitats.

The African lions known as ‘’Panthera Leo’’ which is rarely seen in deep woods and savannah grasslands. These species are typically more diurnal than other large carnivores but when threatened becomes dangerous.

They are said to be active at night and at dusk. More so, lions are charismatic mammals in Africa and most of visitors prefer visiting Africa for wildlife safaris specially to see lions. Most of visitors on Uganda Wildlife Safaris, we usually recommend them to visit Queen Elizabeth National Park a top visited tourist destination on wildlife safaris in Uganda because of being home to unique tree climbing lions and also being home to diversity of animals with more than 95 mammal species and over 600 bird species as well as primates – chimpanzees among others.

Despite the fact, Lions are known as the kings of the jungle and you can’t do wildlife safari in Africa minus spotting them. That means can be incomplete safari.

Facts about lions;

Lions are the largest carnivores on the African continent, weighing between 150 and 250kilometers.

Lions can run more than 60 meters in only six seconds flat

About lion, 20 hours a day are spent sleeping

They are savanna animals ‘’not in the jungle’’

Where to find lions in Uganda;

Where and how can a traveler see the unique wild lions? Well, Uganda has three main savannah safari parks home to Ugandan lions.  They include; Murchison Falls National Park, Queen Elizabeth National Park and Kidepo Valley National Park.

If you want to guarantee of seeing lions on your safari to Uganda, you have to ask your tour agent to include one of the above-mentioned national parks on your Uganda Safari Itinerary.  On the final destination a tour guide will take you to see out to their jungle to see these kings in up closer view but at a safe distance as you know they are the big cats and most dangerous on.

Kidepo Valley National Park

The park is home to the rare animal species that marks it untouched safari destination. Kidepo Valley National Park is home to more than 300 individuals and the population in continuously increasing thus giving it some distinction. This implies that with time Kidepo will be more important to see the lions in.

Kidepo Valley National Park is located in northeastern region of Uganda, approximately 10 to 12 hours’ drive from Kampala to meet the final destination. Option, you can fly with a domestic flight from Entebbe International Airport   to Lomej Airstrip -1:45hours landing.

Queen Elizabeth National Park

Queen Elizabeth National Park is Uganda’s top major location to see both ground and unique tree climbing lions. The park is comprised to vast savannah grasslands, plains, forested woods, gorges, crater lakes, thick forests among others.

The park is home to diversity of 95 mammal species and more than 600 bird species, animals like lions, leopards, elephants, buffaloes and rhinos among others. Queen Elizabeth National Park is best place among the three parks to see lions in Uganda, because it inhabits more than 350 individual lions discovered in the park, especially in the southern and northern areas thus a great location to see lion pride in action.

Best Places to See Lions in Uganda
Lion Tracking in Queen

Ishasha Tree- Climbing Lions

Queen Elizabeth National Park sounds as few destinations that houses the largest population of tree climbing lions on the planet. In Queen the best view of these rare species is visiting Ishasha sector, which is found to the southern part of the park. While on a visit to this southern portion of the park, you can be able to observe the lions calmly relaxing -hanging in the big fig trees in Ishasha on a typical afternoon ‘’Uganda Safari Excursion’’.

Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park is also a famous safari destination to observe these big cats -lions, which primarily more active in the morning hours, just before sunrise and in the evening. If you want to observe prowling the broad plains either time is a wonderful opportunity for a safari drive.  In the park, lions can be watched in savannah grassland and are the real and undisputed of this ecosystem. Lions primarily feed on antelopes especially the Kobs.

Lion Tracking in Uganda

Lion tracking in Uganda is one of the undoubtedly highlight of a safari and more interesting one capturing the tree climbing lions of the Ishasha sectors. So, visitor can have a fabulous adventure of lions at Queen Elizabeth National Park.

On visit to Queen Elizabeth National Park never leave the park minus visiting Kasenyi plains in the northern region. Lion tracking is one of the top done activities in the park. It offers guests with excellent opportunity to get up close and personal with lions in their natural environment.

The main goal of lion tracking by tourists is to learn about their feeding patterns, mannerism and natural habitats. The activity can be done with knowledgeable researchers from the Uganda Carnivore Program.

The lion tracking experience is an option extra for visitors who want to experience the great encounter with the monarch of the pride.

Don’t hesitate – Get Started Planning Now! – A visit To the Pearl of Uganda – A great Destination to Explore ‘’ The Pride of The Jungle -Lions’’

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