Best time of the year for gorilla trekking in Rwanda: First of all, Rwanda sounds as one of the three countries where you can see the endangered mountain gorillas within the Virunga Mountains. More so the Volcanoes national park features with all you might expect to encounter in the park such as wildlife viewing, beautiful vegetation, Dian Fossey tomb, gorilla safaris among others thus mark Volcanoes national park ultimate safari destination in Africa.

Best time to go for Rwanda Safaris /Gorilla trekking;

Although Rwanda can be visit all year round but the best time to visit Rwanda for gorilla trekking experience is during the short dry season that start from June to September and December to February, these seasons offered by far easiest hiking conditions and lowest malaria risk.

You still visit Rwanda gorilla trekking safaris out of these dry seasons of years but mark this in your mind that you need to be physically fit in the body, since it can be rain seasons the park’s trekking trails can be slippery and muddy thus having difficult in hiking.

Best time of the year for gorilla trekking in Rwanda
Gorilla Trekking

Before you embark for your gorilla trekking experience;

You need to have read all the gorilla trekking rules as follows

Always obey the permitted number of people to track gorillas and they must be maximum of ‘’8’’ individuals.

After briefing, you will be led by the park guide who will lead you through searching trails.

Sick visitors are not allowed to trek gorillas.

Before embarking for gorilla trekking first wash your hands.

While you’re with gorilla never attempt to touch them

Keep 7 meters’ ways from the trekked mountain gorillas.

Flash discs are not allowed to be used while in the jungle.

Do not attempt to touch gorillas are wild animals and can be easily be transmitted with human diseases.

Never attempt to look gorillas direct in their eyes.

Drinks, eats and food are not allowed in the park.

Do not leave your rubbish in the park.

Stay in tight groups when you allocate gorillas.

Always low your voices when approach them.

Rwanda gorilla safaris also offers travel trips which includes how to book gorillas permits, what to wear for gorilla trekking, best time to visit Rwanda and accommodation in Rwanda.

The park has about 10 habituated gorilla group where tourists carry their gorilla trekking from, and 80 gorilla permits are on sale each day. Meaning you need to book or to buy your gorilla trekking in advance. Gorilla families include Titus family, Susa A group, Umubano group, Sabyinyo Gorilla family ,Agashya group ,Ugenda group among others.

Note; Why people yearn so much to be part of gorilla trekking it’s because gorilla tours is ultimately life changing experience which rewards with a close encounter to our wild cousins, whom we share 98% of our DNA.

Best time of the year for gorilla trekking in Rwanda
Best time of the year for gorilla trekking in Rwanda

In general, Volcanoes national park covers over 160 square kilometers in the northern part of Rwanda which was gazette as a national game to protect the great mountain gorillas though they still face the threat of extinction as a result of poaching.

Despite the fact that, Volcanoes national park is not home to mountain gorillas but also home to golden monkeys, elephants ,black-fronted duiker and bushbuck  among others. The park is also birding destination with over 200 bird species, some include ; Blue-spotted wood dove ,Cinnamon chested bee- eater ,Bateleur ,Baglafecht weaver ,Red-backed shrike ,Ruwenzori turaco , Ruwenzori apalis ,Red-faced woodland warbler ,Handsome francolin ,Grauer’s swamp warbler ,Dusky turtle ,Dusky crimson wing ,Lagden’s bush –shrike , Brown-necked parrot ,Brown woodland warbler ,Archer’s robin-chat among others. Migratory birds can also be seen in the park from November to April.

Getting to Volcanoes National Park –Rwanda

 Volcanoes National Park lies in a small village called Musanze which was named as Ruhengeri before. The village is easier to be accessed by all means from Kigali city /international Airport takes 2 to 3 hours’ drive. Where by you can opt to do one-day gorilla trekking experience in Volcanoes national park, if you can wake up very early in the morning by 7:00am you’re required to arrive at the headquarters of ORTPN in Kiningi.

Other activities to do part from gorilla trekking includes;

Gorilla trekking, hiking Karisimbi volcano, one day Mount Bisoke volcano hike, Visiting the twin lakes of Ruhondo and Bulera .

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