Biking in Jinja City : Biking is the act of riding a bicycle for leisure, transport or as a sports activity. It is not only limited to riding of two-wheeled bicycles but also unicycles, tricycles, quadricycles and motorcycles. It is most popular in the Netherlands. The Danish Capital- Copenhagen being the most bicycle-friendly city worldwide. The touristy Jinja City, The Pearl’s Copenhagen, is second to none.  The advantage of cycling over other skills, is once you learn it, as easy as it is, you just won’t forget, Biking in Jinja City. Take it from me who was a pro swimmer, dancer, basketball and lacrosse player and now performs like an amateur after a long break from them all, but for biking. Allow me take you through a lesson. You simply sit on the bike, check the traffic, maintain a relaxed balance on the bike and ride away. To stop, one must brake. Practice on as many gradients and road surfaces as possible to see just how much grip each surface allows you. To make the flash seem slow, you’ll definitely want to stand on the pedals. The logic is that standing allows you to apply more force to pedals than when sitting, mostly due to gravity. Standing even softens the impact on bumpy roads and may offer firm control.

 The facts that Jinja covers 63.7km, is accurately an 82.84km stretch from Kampala and is strategically located at Lake Victoria, the Nile source (which is the longest in Africa) are nothing but an act of God. Jinja came to be named so by the two tribes that live on opposite sides of the Nile- the Baganda and Basoga, in whose languages the term coincidentally, equally means ‘rock’. Quad biking is the off-road thrilling adventure for all ages. As a tourist, you ae patiently handled by a guide who patiently trains you on how to use the four-wheeled beast ATV- All Terrain Vehicle, till you decide to single-handedly take the will and ride away. Biking is done along the Nile and the local communities. The resources you are willing to invest in terms of time and finances will determine how long you will ride. The hours of your bike ride ae counted only from the point when you are confident about the training you have received. The cost ranges from 55- 155dollars for terms and conditions apply accordingly. Besides biking, other activities on the Nile are; white water rafting, tubing, bungy jumping, zip lining, boat riding on the Nile to Samuka Island which is as generously endowed with green. Cheers to the slay queens because your picture background is sorted. The food at Samuka will be your latest story to tell about the last time you bit your tongue over a meal.

Biking in Jinja City
Quad Biking Jinja

 Biking can’t afford to miss on your to-do list on your voyage to the pearl of Africa and it’s  highly recommended that the biking option for any Ugandan motorist, seeing as fuel costs have drastically shot up. It’s replacing flowers as love language for your woman I’m telling you. Besides, the current terrifying fitness levels of majority of the population, that were nursed during the Covid period call for the attention of a two to four hour daily doctor, to or from work. It’s a win- win all through.

Other go- to sites in Jinja are the Kakira Estate which is the headquarters of several other businesses including an industry, an airport, a power station, schools, hospitals and social service projects. Besides, what’s a road trip without shopping? Jinja Central Market has you covered. Arts and crafts, fashionable attire, food, spices, groceries and fruits, you’ll be sure to be tempted into buy. Once you enter the market, make sure to keep your transport finances back to Kampala  separate…thank me later. Are yo abscessed with culture and historical discoveries? Call the Kyabazinga Royal Palace in Igenge, your home away from home. I bet you a joyful ride to the palace, holistic view of surroundings, a picnic in the gardens, and the Kyabazinga Royal Trail will leave yo fascinated.

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