Boni National Reserve Kenya : Boni National Reserve is one of Kenya’s national reserves covering an area of about 1,339 square kilometers and it lies on the north-east coast of Kenya near the Kenya – Somalia border, Lamu and Garrisa counties in the far eastern Kenya. This reserve was gazetted in 1976 as a dry season sanctuary for elephants in the former Kenyan Ijara and Lamu districts and Somalia and it’s managed by Kenya Wildlife Service.

Boni National Reserve

More fact about, Boni National Reserve is a home rich in common herbivores including hippopotamus, bushpig, warthog, buffalo, common duiker, topi and waterbuck among other. there are also carnivores in the reserve which are the vulnerable African wild dog and the aardwolf as well as African elephants are also present in the reserve. It is also home to various bird species which are species of the coastal forests of Eastern Africa, including the globally threatened species such as Sokoke pipit.

Boni forests National Reserve is known for its large herds of elephants and other animals as well as bird species. The name of the reserve was got from the Boni tribe who surrounds the area. This is the reserve where you can find the rare tree species such as Excoecaria bussei, croton, megalocarpoides, homallium, abdesseamadii among others. More so, the reserve is characterized by lowland forests, marshy glades and ground forests eco system.

It’s purpose for existence was created to protect wide range of elephants due to heavy poaching that was carried out in the reserve and is now under the management of Kenya Wildlife Service.

Activities At Boni National Reserve

Game Viewing

Boni National Reserve is one of great kenya destinations to go for game viewing, because it boasts with high population of wildlife species namely Topis, elephants, buffalos, duiker, generuk, aardwolf, African wild dog, water buck, honey badger, Oribis, porcupine, squirrel, hippos, bush pig, Kirk’s Dik Dik, lesser Kudu, warthogs, Lycaon pictus, black backed jackal, wild dog, caracal, grant gazelles spotted hyenas and primates like yellow baboon and vervet monkey many more.


The reserve is home to over 150 bird species both migratory and residential birds. Some of the lists to see includes; Violet breasted sunbird, African fish, African darter, hamerkops, honey Buzzard, sandering, Carmine bee eater, Chestnut fronted helmet shrike, Fiery necked nightjar, Fischer’s turaco, Hartlaub’s bustard, black bellied and Mombasa woodpecker many more.

Boni National Reserve
Carmine bee eater

Nature guided walks

This is also an interesting activity to do in the reserve where tourist can take a guided nature walk through different stunning trails in the Boni forest and be able to come across numerous tree species. You have a great chance of seeing elephants and other wildlife, not forgetting birding experience.

Cultural encounter

Visitors taking a visit to Boni reserve can get involved in visiting the local communities around and come to know how life can differ from different parts of the world. visit the craft shops where you can buy gifts to take back home for remembrance or loved ones.

Best time to visit

Boni game reserve climate is both hot and arid meaning it is suitable for visit all year round, however if it is rainy season, it makes the road a bit impassable.

Where to stay;

Currently there no accommodation facilities within the reserve but they can be booked in nearby Lamu town and other surrounding towns.

Getting there;

Boni National Reserve can be reached by road through Garissa which is 7-hour drive -Garissa town is 12 hours 27 minutes from Nairobi.

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