Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safaris – Uganda Destination

Bwindi gorilla trekking safaris; This is the best safari adventure tourists engage in most to meet up these rare endangered mountain gorillas whom are close related to humans and they share 98% of their genetic to us. Gorilla trekking safaris takes into the tropical rain forest jungles of Uganda’s famous Bwindi Impenetrable National park as well as Mgahinga Gorilla national park. And one to be able to enjoy Bwindi gorilla trekking safaris must take 3 Days Bwindi Gorilla Safari or 5 Days Bwindi Gorilla &Wildlife Viewing Safari by booking your safari in advance in help of a trust worthy tour operator and if you don’t hesitate you can book with us. We Achieve Global Safari will help out our clients in reserving their gorilla permit, entry fees, organizing for you affordable and incredible itinerary, making for you transfers and also booking for you the best and comfortable accommodation facilities.

Gorilla trekking safaris; is quite an incredible safari that attracts many people to visit Uganda’s destination, in yearn of seeing the unique mountain gorillas in their protected nature environment.

Generally, one engaging in gorilla trekking experience is the only way can capture the beautiful creature on planet in their living nature, as you will be given an hour to watch these gorillas as they behavior, spend their day long in the jungle, learn how they feed, play and build up their nest up on tree branches and some on the ground during evening time.

Gorilla trekking experience begins early in the morning at 7:30 am with a briefing of 30 minutes and at 8:00am head out to the forest but after grouping you in a group of eight people by the park ranger guide. Then, the park ranger will lead you to your assigned gorilla family in the sector you choose through forest trail heads. But remember to carry enough mineral water bottle since its hiking activity and needs a lot of energy in you, put on comfortable hiking shoe easy, rain jacket among others. This activity is unpredictable can take 30 minute or 7 hours depending on where were last seen the previous day, as you will be a hiking there are many chances of seeing other species of small primates like monkeys, birds, tree species, scenic vegetation among many. Once you have come across the gorilla family you have been searching for, one hour is allowed to spend with them and enjoy their stunning life style as well as taking life time remembrance photography. After you will descend back to the lodge.

Bwindi Gorilla Trekking Safaris
Bwindi Gorilla Safaris

In Bwindi Impenetrable national park gorilla trekking is done in four sectors that is; Buhoma, Rushaga, Ruhija and Nkuringo gorilla sectors. It is a home of 21 habituated gorilla families stipulated in above mentioned gorilla sectors. More so, the park is located in southwestern region of Uganda, approximately 9 to 10 hours’ drive from Kampala –Uganda’s main city to main safari destination. Bwindi lies on an area covering 321 square kilometers, a home to remaining half world’s population of mountain gorillas and that’s why has become famous in visiting it worldwide. The park is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is managed by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority a governing body.

What is the cost of gorilla trekking?

Bwindi Gorilla trekking cost USD700 for foreign nonresident, USD600 for foreign resident and UGX250,000 East African Citizen. or you can opt to do a full day gorilla habituation experience with four hours given. Gorilla habituation experience costs USD1,500 per person per trek. We recommend you to book your gorilla permit in advance before the time of arrival like 3 to 6 months. You can book directly to Uganda Wildlife Authority offices through contacting them or a known tour operator.

Gorilla Trekking Rule and Regulations –Bwindi Impenetrable Forest

Before trekking, briefing shall be done in small groups of eight tourists after being assigned a gorilla family for trekking.

Always stay 7 to 8 meters away from the gorillas in matter of protecting them.

Do not leave any rubbish in the park.

If you feel ill, please stay at the lodge or ask your safari your refund.

Sick visitors will not be allowed to track mountain gorillas, those with signs of flu, cough ,diarrhea ,stomach upsets and malaria.

Wash your hands before heading out for trekking

Wear comfortable hiking shoes suitable for slippery trailing trails.

Carry packed lunch, energy giving snacks and enough mineral water bottle.

Please you want to go for long hole ask your guide to dig you a hole with his panga and make sure it must be 30-centimeter-deep and after fil it.

 Obey the limited number of trackers allowed to trek a gorilla’s family.

Accessibility to Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park

Bwindi Impenetrable forest national park can be accessed both by car or by air transport.

By Air transport

Travelers can book a domestic flight from Entebbe or Kajjansi Airstrip to access Bwindi’s Airstrip Kihihi airstrip with in 1:15 hours. Book with help of tour operator.

By Road transport

It is very possible to access Bwindi by car with recommended 4×4 wheel vehicle ,that takes 9 to 10 hours inclusive with  a stopover at Equator and lunch Enroute ,as you go wandering about the scenic  landscape with beautiful tea banana plantation among others.

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