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Canopy Walk/Nyungwe Forest : Nyungwe Forest national park sounds as Rwanda’s largest mountainous rain forest in central and east Africa and is one among the ancient dating back before the Ice Age, positioned in the southwest region, on an area covering 1016 Kilometers across the great hills of southeast Rwanda. However, the forest inhabits diversity of species of over 1025 plant species and over 500 orchid and giant lobelia species, also boosts with 13 species of primates including; endangered Chimpanzees, black and white Angolan colobus monkeys among others as well as home to habituated species like the Mangabey and the Blue Monkeys. Rwanda is so much honored to be the only country in the entire East Africa where you can do canopy walk. Nyungwe forest it’s where canopy walk can be done along Rwanda Safari.

Canopy walk is one of the most incredible experience on Rwanda safari, as you get a lot of fun to walk across the bridge. The bridge it’s self-breathtaking and gives perfect views of the forest species like birds ,reptiles ,different animals ,insects and amphibians ,unmatched hills as well as rewardable views of the great East African region and Lake Kivu ,it’s more gorgeous to watch the clouds roll down into the valley actually pretty amazing .Moreover, it’s a guided tour  done by persons of 6 years and above .This experience goes at USD60 per walk per person and it is advisable parents or adults always accompany their children.

Note, canopy walk can be done throughout the walk since there’s hope of ascending and descending through the forest, just a walking bridge. However, the walkway is much better and interesting in the dry seasons which runs from June to September and December to February.

The canopy walk also involves in some slight hiking because you reach the suspended bridge from the 2.1kilomters long Igishishigi trail, one of the hiking trails found in Nyungwe National Park, after accessing that trail you then join the 160 meters suspended bridge that’s over the forest. You shouldn’t get worried of taking the walk because of this hiking trails, it’s very easy to hike even for the first time hikers; it’s just a few walkover points because of the mountainous terrains but it’s really stunning.

This activity is scheduled at around 8am ,10am ,1pm and 3 pm. The walk starts from the Uwinka Reception Centre-the Nyungwe head office. At Uwinka Reception Centre its where visitors are briefed about the walk and assigned a walking guide and still where you can purchase the walking sticks and raincoats are recommended. After, briefing, you set off with a guide to the Igishigishigi trail, then take 160 meter suspended bridge to adjourn on huge strong trees on top of the ancient Nyungwe forest.

Canopy Walk/Nyungwe Forest
Canopy Walk/Nyungwe Forest –Rwanda Safaris

The walk requires you to wear hiking rubber shoes or boots, a rain jackets, a snack and a bottle of mineral water as well as a clear camera for memorable photography. It’s also good to be in good health before you talk the walk, if you do not want to predict or worried of, just excuse yourself from the walk and try other activities conducted in Nyungwe National Park.

Ideally, the canopy walk is a comfortable and a rewardable adventure for anyone who is adrenaline rush lovers, nature enthusiasts and risk-takers. Do not be scared it’s safe for anyone who is interested in adventurous viewing and wild walkover. The walkway is really amazing and it’s the duty of the operators to ensure that several safety measures are provided for your safety on the walk.

Rwanda canopy walk; walkway is partitioned in 3 sections that is 90 meters ,45 meters and 25 meters and the 90-meter section making 70 meters high. Meanwhile, it ranks the third position in Africa and the only one in the East African region.

Accessibility; Nyungwe National Park takes about 5 to 6 hours from Kigali southwest of Rwanda by road and the road is in good condition, you get smooth ride to access the park and the journey is quite rewarding with rolling hills, photography makes it more awardable.

Nyungwe national park is one of the three national park in Rwanda, that boosts with other great safari experience offered to visitors, including Chimpanzee tracking, hiking, birding, walking safari, Ishuno waterfalls and Community visits. And for you to have full intimate experience with animals /primates, we advise you to do tracking activity. You can as well engage in tea planting communities during your stay at the park and get to know how African tea leaves is being processed, take a taste of Rwanda’s aroma tea, experience their amazing cultures and lifestyles.

Book now your visit to Rwanda’s Nyungwe National Park and take into a splendid canopy walk and other stunning numerous activities around.

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