Chimpanzee Tracking Perception –Uganda During Covid 19

Chimpanzee tracking perception in Uganda during Covid 19 have been put in place to save our lovely endangered chimpanzees in their preserved natural environment. Chimpanzee tracking is one of the top done and rewarding activity, you meeting up with this great apes its quitek adventuring experience mostly when you take a visit to Kibale Forest national park the capital of primates as well as Queen Elizabeth national park which can be taken in the Kyambura gorge and Kalinzu forest.

Chimpanzee tracking during this pandemic of Covid 19 in Uganda has not changed as such because the experience has always been safe for travelers as well as the primates. But with the confirmation of Uganda’s her first Covid 19 case in March 2020, it was forced by the Uganda government and Uganda working health to carry a number of safety measure in place to ensure that you have a safe Uganda safari when taking an experience of chimpanzee tracking in Kibale Forest national park, Budongo forest and Queen Elizabeth national park thus declaring safe travel during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Uganda Chimpanzee tracking experience is totally different from gorilla trekking that involves in hiking to the habituated gorilla families and observing their behaviors .In other hand ,chimpanzee tracking features with amazing observations such as feeding ,grooming their younger ones ,playing many more other gainful features .They are active primates that can be seen swinging from one tree branch to another and during the experience you will have a chance to encounter a good number of rewarding views of notable bird species ,small primates like monkeys and other primates species .This activity is best carried out in dry months of June to September and December to February annually .Still you can do it in wet seasons here the park can be out of the people and accommodation rates lowers.

Refundable Policies for Chimpanzee Tracking during Covid-19

We all know that due to this global pandemic  of covid 19 has led to affected number of travelers during their traveling time to Uganda which has involved in both refunds and cancellation by the Uganda wildlife Authority .This happens after booking their permits for chimpanzee tracking from the recognized tour company or tour operator ,whereby tourists sometimes face difficulties like delayed flights ,testing positive for covid 19 and due to lockdown in your country among other difficulties that may hinder you to reach Uganda in time before the date of chimpanzees tracking permits expires .If so ,you can ask to reschedule your activity at no extra cost or a refund ,cancel of your permits.

Safety measures to follow –Uganda Chimpanzee Tracking During Covid-19

Before a tourists trying to access to Uganda or plan for chimpanzee tracking visit, must have negative covid 19 test which you will have to present in to the park management in order to ensure safety of the other travelers and saving our endangered primates when taking part in the activity.

You’re emphasized to put on face masks while in the park to avoid contracting and spreading of the virus to primates, in case you might have contracted it on your way to the national park.

 Chimpanzee Tracking Perception in Uganda During Covid 19
Chimpanzee Tracking Perception in Uganda During Covid 19

You should have regular hand sanitizing just to ensure easy contaminated surfaces that might harbor covid-19 because they live on surface on a long hour.

You should social distance of about 2 to4 meters away from the primates.

Guideline-SOP for Uganda Chimpanzee tracking during Covid-19

Avoid smoking in presence of the Chimpanzees, because are highly vulnerable species that can easily catch diseases such as lung chance, pneumonia, all these can be fatal and in case they are exposed to smoke for a long hour it affects their mortality rate, lead to birth defects which can be a problem to their nature inhabits.

During chimpanzee tracking in primates destinations like in Uganda Kibale forest national park ,Budongo forest in Murchison falls national park ,Kalinzu forest and Queen Elizabeth national park  for chimpanzee tracking .It is very important to follow the rules given by the guides for a safe activity because the guides are well trained and knowledgeable about the park premises .Note, Queen Elizabeth national park is a home to four of the big five animals and other dangerous primates that can easily attack you thus gaining discomforting  of your safari.

Eating in the presence of the chimpanzees should be avoided because it attracts the primates to eat some of what you’re having which can easily contract to this apes.

You should keep a distance away ‘’7 meters’’ from the primates in order to avoid the spreading of the virus’s to them, because chimpanzees and other kinds of primates are vulnerable species that are like humans which can get in contact to any kind of diseases from travelers.

Littering in the park is not allowed during chimpanzee tracking in Uganda because it can create diseases to the primates not only that but also contracting viruses from them in case contaminated with covid 19 which can lead to fatal of primates. Therefore, littering of rubbish should be avoided inside the park rather go back with your rubbish.


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