Chimpanzees Fun Facts

Chimpanzees Fun Facts : Chimpanzees are great apes which are found across central and West Africa, come along with bonobos our closest living relatives, that shares 98% of our genetic blueprint.

Chimpanzees are intelligent species making one of the four types of great apes such as; Chimpanzees, gorillas, bonobos and orangutans. Note, chimpanzees are endangered probably with a number between 172,000 and 300,000 that are still remaining in the wild.

Chimpanzee species can be found across Africa from West Africa to Uganda and Rwanda. In Uganda can be found in several places such as Kibale national park known as capital of primates, Budongo Forest –Murchison Falls national park, Semuliki national park, Kalinzu forest, Kyambura Gorge –Queen Elizabeth national park, Bwindi Impenetrable forest among others and Rwanda can be seen in Nyungwe forest national park and other countries include ;Tanzania in East ,Burundi , ,Southern Sudan ,Central African Republic and the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Below are the major facts about Chimpanzees as follows;

Wild chimpanzees only live in African destinations

Chimpanzees share 98%of Human DNA, biologically chimpanzees are more closely related to humans unlike gorillas

Chimpanzees use more tools than any other creatures except human

Chimpanzees and other species like some types of birds use tools. Years back, scientists thought humans were the only ones who could use tools yet even chimpanzees.

Those in captivity can be taught human languages for example human sign language.

Chimpanzees are endangered species.

Chimpanzees Fun Facts
Chimpanzees Fun Facts

Most of them live in tropical rainforest, some in woodlands and grassland across from central to western African.

Chimpanzees usually sleep in trees which offers the firmest and stable place to sleep and build themselves nest of leaves. Like Uganda’s chimpanzees live on ironwood trees.

Chimpanzees can be easily infected with human diseases since they are more closely to human DNA. Human diseases like flu, cough, malaria, diarrhea.

Chimpanzees in captives can live more than 60 years.

Chimpanzees sometimes hunt and eat small mammals like monkeys or bushbucks.

Chimpanzees feed on fruits, seeds, nuts, blossoms, leaves and other kinds of insects.

They have a wide variety of tastes and are able to live in large variety of habitats. Unlike gorillas and orangutans who have narrower diets.

There are different chimpanzee families that use tools in different ways.

One of the chimpanzee signs of communication is the use of ‘’pant hoot’’, where each individuals owns distinctive pant-hoot, in such away the chimp can be identified with precision.

Chimpanzees are unique species when they are playing tends to laugh.

They love grooming each other, as a sign of relations within the community and calms nervous or tenses chimps.

When they tend to be angry or frightened their hair stands on end.

Male chimpanzees show their power in displays, their hair stands on end so they turn bigger, scream, stamp their feet as well as dragging branches. This sometime scares other chimps and keep them threating.

Female /mother chimpanzees feed their younger ones till the age of seven.

Chimpanzees communicate like humans do, ways of communications include by kissing, patting on the back, embracing, tickling and touching hands.

When a mother dies, her orphaned offspring its unlucky to survive. But older siblings often adopt their orphaned sisters or brothers, occasionally infants are adopted by chimpanzees not related to them.

Chimpanzees ‘’infants’’ have a white tail tuft that disappears after their childhood.

Chimpanzees live in communities of about 30 individuals, led by an alpha male and his coalition of male allies.

Chimpanzees are specious species that walk on all fours and have longer arms than legs. They have knuckles which helps them in support.

Chimpanzees have opposable thumbs and opposable big ties, like that of humans which allows them to grip things with their feet.

Chimpanzees Fun Facts
Chimpanzees Fun Facts

Chimpanzees have a large record much compared to gorillas. There are between 172,000 and 300,000 individuals still exist in the wild. They can be found in about 21 African countries more especially in central Africa.

However, a number of chimpanzees live in rain forested areas, what used to be the equatorial forest belt. Unlucky, the rainforest in Africa have been destroyed leaving only patches of forests where they inhabit from.

They also face a great threat of commercial poaching /hunting them for meat or trade.

Female chimpanzees reach reproductive age at 13 while males are not considered adult till they are 15.

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