Dian Fossey’s Grave Tour ; Dian Fossey is a popularly known prominent person who did a great work in carrying out a research on endangered mountain gorillas from 1967 till her death in 1985.  She was known as primatologists by time she visited Rwanda even to date the government of Rwanda still celebrate her great effort she put in while carrying out the research about the great mountain gorillas. However, Dian Fossey was born in 1939 later on she visited the country of Rwanda and she ended up having a permanent stay thus giving in her life to start up a research center about mountain gorillas and used to spend most of the time studying mountain gorillas in their protected nature habitat. The research center was known as Karisoke Research Center which is located between Mount Bisoke and Mount Karisimbi in Rwanda. She made the world know more about the unique mountain gorillas and through protecting gorillas against extensive poaching. More so, it’s widely believed that without her efforts, these great mountain gorillas would have been reduced in number.

Due to her great effort and strong conviction, gorilla poaching has been eliminated considerably in all distinguished gorilla safari destination, that is; Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo. Perhaps her greatest contribution has played a great impact on how to make wild gorillas comfortable around human presence. Dian Fossey played a great role by gaining the trust of mountain gorillas that had been fearful of humans due to large scale poaching and gorilla habituation experience made many more gorilla families become possible. Now tourists can now visit these gentile and get amazed about these creatures up close instead of talking about them but to reach out in their jungle.

Dian Fossey's Grave Tour
Dian Fossey Hike Safari

History proves us that, Dian Fossey was invited to Africa by the great paleoanthropologist Dr. Richard Leakey to take a study about the life of the endangered mountain gorillas in the wild. Dr. Leakey thought that by studying our closest cousins the gorillas and if would understand human origin, Dian Fossey’s Grave Tour.

Fact is that, Dian Fossey choose to learn more about the great apes of which channeled her effort from research to protect and gorilla conservation. She stood up to oppose poaching and fought against gorilla tourism, through a raising her voice that mountain gorillas be left undisturbed in their protected habitat. However, the methods she used was to deal with the poachers to see that the number of gorillas increases  through doing this increased her interest of loving the mountain gorillas at heart.

 Unfortunately, Dain Fossey couldn’t survive was murdered in a remote house on top of the mountain by the poachers in 1985 and later on, she was buried next to some of the gorillas she used to live with in peace. It is believed that her murder was related to her strong conviction and desire to end poaching and protect the gorillas. In spite her, sad ending, the legacy and work of Dian Fossey remains untouched. When it becomes to the book she wrote named ‘’Gorillas in the Mist was later made a film thus depicting her personal life and work with the gorillas. Take your time have watch. Still up to her death, her great works was not in vain.

More then, Dian Fossey Gorilla Fund International ‘’DFGF’’ continues to work toward the conservation of the mountain gorillas through running various projects including take care of gorilla   family within East and central Africa. Note; since then the mountain gorillas keeps increasing. Currently, the total number of the world’s gorilla population is about 1065 individuals that still exists in the vast forests and mountain slopes of Uganda, Rwanda and Democratic Republic Congo.

Hiking Dian Fossey’s Grave ‘’Tomb’’

To those wishing to meet up with mountain gorillas, you can combine a visit to the Dian Fossey’s grave that lies near her former Karisoke Research Camp- center, positioned between Mount Karisimbi and Mount Bisoke is a much to experience its rewarding view.

However, Gorilla trekking is the highlight attraction while on a safari to Rwanda-Volcanoes National Park but visiting the grave of Dian Fossey is quite unforgettable experience that can be done a day before tracking gorillas. To those who have made their Rwanda Gorilla Trekking successful ‘’ where you came to learn about her great woks with the mountain gorillas in the remote mountains. Well, the hike will give you time to encounter on many things and challenge you physically, emotional and intellectual level, Dian Fossey’s Grave Tour.

While hiking to the Dian Fossey’s grave you will be able to spot rare plants, birds, golden monkeys, forest elephants buffaloes, antelopes as well as meeting other gorilla family along the way. Hiking adventure may take about 2 hours but to those in good shape.

Dian Fossey's Grave Tour
Dian Fossey and the Gorillas

Best time to hike

The hike is best enjoyed in the morning hours. Where visitors have to report to the Kiningi park office in the morning hours for a short briefing   about the hiking rules.

What needed to carry with you on Dian Fossey grave Hiking tours ‘’tomb’’

 The first thing you need to do while planning a hike to the Dain Fossey’s grave is to purchase a valid permit which might be required to present during briefing time before setting off to the head trail.

Hiking permit costs USD75 and can be purchased from either  Volcanoes National Park office or at Rwanda tourism offices in Kigali. The money collected from the permits helps in Gorilla Conservation Project.

Where to stay

Since Dian Fossey hiking tour is part of Volcanoes National Park, there is no need to worry because the park boosts with perfect accommodations with good amenities that attracts the visitors. The lodges ranges from Budget, Mid-range and Luxury. They are affordable to everyone.

Essentials to carry with

They include; Hiking shoes or waterproof boosts, long socks, hand gloves, long sleeved shirt which helps in protecting you against sharp branches and stinging insects, packed lunch boxes, enough mineral water bottle among others. Get started now prepared a tour at the Dian Fossey Site.

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