Do they speak English in Uganda?

Do they speak English in Uganda? : The answer is yes! Above all, Uganda is the best English speaking country in Africa. So then, English has been Uganda’s official language since independence in 1962.In 2005 Swahili language was officially introduced as foreign language and so viewed as being neutral and was proposed as the country’s second official language.

Travelers who love to explore the nature wonders, wildlife, primates, cultural sites of a country, may wonder whether they will not get a problem in communicating. Since they want to communicate, to enrich conservation, times of learning beyond the things to encounter in and see in Uganda. The thing is that, you won’t suffer about the issue of communication on your safari to Uganda we are the besties of English Speaking in Africa and along your safari your provided with Knowledgeable English speaking guide as follows;

Do they speak English in Uganda? Why communicating in English so important?

This is the most common asked questions by our clients and tourists. Of which the answer is yes! English has become the official language in the world of tourism. English has become the common language and mode of communication that enables people to communicate with one another, regardless of one’s cultural background.

English has been added on as the Lingua Franca of Tourism in a way that it is easy to learn to read and write in it. Something which were witnessed when Rwanda adapted English as an official language.

Do they Speak English in Uganda?

It is well known as Ugandans to be the best in using English in entire Africa. More so, English is the official Language in Uganda, the love of it has increased since the introduction of Universal Primary Education in Uganda. And according to a study released in 2017by the World Linguistic Society recognized Ugandans has the best speaking English in entire Africa, followed by Zambia, South Africa, Kenya, Zimbabwe, Malawi, Ghana, Botswana, Sudan and Rwanda. We see Tanzania, a top Safari Tourist Destination didn’t make it among the best 10 list of best English Speaking countries since they officially rely on Kiswahili.

Do they speak English in Uganda?
Kampala City

English is one of Uganda’s two official language. Then Kiswahili follows but has not been fully implemented in the school system. Something which looks different with children who are being taught English as early as Baby Class acting as pre-school in Uganda.

Tourists who are English speaking on their safari to Uganda will have no problems in ordering food or a drink or going for primate safari ‘’Gorilla trekking or Chimpanzee tracking experience’’ and on safari we have knowledgeable English speaking guide for our clients. In Uganda, travellers can have some intelligent conversations in English. This is not communicated and take advantage of the Uganda Tourism Board in promoting Uganda as a best tourism destination.

English is an official language to Ugandans, whereby Ugandans do good job communicating in English. Like some Ugandan TV or Radio personality speak in pucker English accent finding it enjoyable and interesting , they sound has just come from Dallas, Houston, Mexico. In most cases, they have been outside of Uganda, others taught themselves by watching movies yet others from Ugandan schools.

Above all, Uganda being the Number 1 English Speaking Country in Africa, as impacted a lot on its safari as the number of tourists increases.

On Uganda safari, all services served, staff at lodge, ranger guide in parks, tourism police, porter for your Gorilla trek and safari driver-guide, they all speak English. The matter might be about some cultural differences; however, most people you will contact with will understand your requests and attend to your needs requested in English. This is added plus compared to Rwanda, Democratic Republic of Congo, Burundi, Tanzania, Kenya and more.

In otherwise, most visitors do not realize that English have been added as comfort and convenience. The Ugandan English Speaker also uses English at home with a few other languages in most cases.

Do they Speak English in Uganda?

Ugandans are welcoming and more friendly, open to learning about their country. They might be a bit reserved at the initial meeting which is a cultural thing once they get to know you a bit elsewhere also enjoy good conservations sprinkled with humor and conducive climate.

Uganda has good English most of the time, it is not down under American accent, it is Ugandan English style. Simply delightful and honoring.

What may amaze you how young people can speak English. One must take into account to speak another language at home such as Luganda. They learn English when they attend school. Though English which is in local meaning Ugandan English, end up creeping in.

Surprisingly, Uganda is Africa’s Top English Speaking Country, which has surprised many on safari to the Pearl of Africa. Being an added plus, Ugandan tour operator are delightful in promoting English speak to the country.

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