Domestic flights in Uganda; Uganda once called the Pearl of Africa and a land locked country has got various airlines available for domestic flights. Although, some of them only flies domestic flights while others fly international routes too.

The most known Ugandan airline is called Uganda Airlines that hub in Entebbe, Uganda but does not operate internal flights.

Aero link Uganda;

Aero link Uganda is also another outstanding airline that offers scheduled and chartered domestic flights to Uganda’s National Parks. This airline is based at Entebbe International Airport and their flights are often quite short as Uganda is a relatively small country.

Aero link flights often take one hour and 15 minutes long. Currently, it operates to eight ‘’8’’ destinations with one codeshare flight to Kisumu, Kenya.

Eagle Air Uganda

Eagle Air Uganda is an airline that operators charter and scheduled flights domestically and in the region. Well, this airline flies to six destinations including Gulu, Adjumani, Juba, Yei, Pakuba and Chobe both found in Murchison Falls National Park.

Why book domestic flights in Uganda?

Most Ugandan internal flights are good in serving the national parks in the country. Therefore, it is an easy and convenient way to access these tourist destinations. And most of the flights take between 1 to 2 hours long, much quicker than if passenger were travelling on road.

To any passenger with a connecting flight to an international destination would also find domestic flights excellent for it’s itinerary. Many airlines and Uganda Airlines are based at ‘’EBB’’ Entebbe International Airport thus making it easy for passenger s who wish to travel to many long -haul destinations.

However, online check in opens 24 hours before scheduled flight departure time and closes one hour before. If you check in at the airport.

Note; Airport: Opens 90 minutes before and closes 30 minutes before flights.

Regardless, Uganda currently has only one international Airport in Entebbe and a couple of CAA – managed and privately run airstrips scattered around the countryside.

There are only four flight operators; Aero link, Eagle Air, Kampala Aeroclub ‘’KAFTC’’ and the new entrant, Bar Aviation, operate daily scheduled flights between local airstrips and Entebbe International Airport.

In Uganda -Aero link Airline is the best used flight by tourists who wish to travel luxury to Uganda National Parks such as ;Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park home to diversity of great mountain gorillas -tourists visit the park to engage in Gorilla trekking, Murchison Falls National park for wildlife safaris ,viewing of the most world’s powerful waterfall , Queen Elizabeth National Park home to unique climbing tree lions and diversity of wild mammals- Game drive and Boat cruise on the Kazinga  Channel ,Kidepo Valley National Park home to untouched and unmatched wilderness among other destination.

In fact, Aero link offers both scheduled and chartered domestic flights which make travel between Uganda’s Cities and national parks easier than ever before. They have different operating time both departure and arrival. Visitors can leave a home of primates -Bwindi and enjoy their breakfast at Javas café in Entebbe before catching up their international flight back home at midday.

It also offers chartered flights in planes ranging from a 2-seater helicopters to 21-seater caravans.

Scheduled Local Flights Between National Parks;

Most used local air services by tourists are the scheduled domestic flights that runs by Aero link or Eagle air to several game parks or nearby gate way towns.

Entebbe -Kihihi/Kisoro Airport – Bwindi Impenetrable NP – From Kihihi/Kisoro Airstrip, one can link to Mweya Airstrip outside Queen Elizabeth National Park – Kasese Airport which is a 15-minute drive from Queen, only 1 hour to Kibale and Semliki National Park.

Domestic Flights in Uganda
Aero Link

Entebbe – Mweya/Kasese ‘Queen Elizabeth NP’-From Mweya /Kasese Airstrip, one can connect to Kihihi/Kisoro Airport ‘’Bwindi Impenetrable NP’’ and Semliki National Park.

Entebbe -Pakuba/Bugungu/Chobe ‘’Murchison Falls NP’ – From there on can connect to Kasese /Mweya – Kihihi Airport and Kidepo National Park.

Entebbe fly to Pakuba, Bugungu, Chobe – Murchison Falls National Park.

Entebbe – Semiliki -can connect to Kisoro, Kihihi and Mweya /Kasese.

Entebbe – Mbarara; Daily Mid-Morning flight available except in April, May and November.

Entebbe – Masai Mara in Kenya

Entebbe -Kisumu ‘’Masai Mara -Kenya’’

Rules and Regulations for Local Flights Baggage Policy;

All local airlines operators have rules and regulations regarding to flight baggage limitations. We advise our visitors always to check the luggage allowance before your flight to avoid frustrations.

All services offered; the maximum luggage must weight 15 kgs in soft sided bags. Also, standard checked luggage has three dimensions 24 inches ‘’60cm’’ in height ,18 inches ‘’45cm’’ in length and 13 inches in width.

For hand luggage is 12 inches ‘30cm’ heights, by 21 inches ‘53cm’ length, by 9 inches ‘23cm’ width.

Personal items include; handbags, walking sticks, small umbrellas, coats and small backpacks – they can be kept under the seat in front of the passenger. They must not exceed 5 kgs/lllbs and are part of the baggage allowance of 15kgs per 33lbs.

While on scheduled flights, can book and pay for an additional freight seat in advance to accommodate additional luggage. The extra seat offered allows an additional 75kg/165lbs excess luggage.

If you choose to carry an additional luggage on space available, there is charge of USD3 applied per kilo for local flights and USD4 for Kisumu and Masai Mara flights. This may not be an available option on the date of departure.

Frequently Asked Question About Booking a Domestic Flight in Uganda;

Do I need a passport for domestic flights in Uganda?

No, you don’t need a passport to travel domestically to Uganda’s passport. However, you must have valid photo identification to prove your identity.

How early do I need to arrive to domestic flight in Uganda?

It requires you, to check in for domestic Ugandan flights close between 30 minutes to one hour before the flight. Another option, Uganda domestic airlines recommends passengers to arrive at the airport two hours before departure in order to avoid any unexpected delays as airlines reserves the right to deny boarding.

Can I book domestic Ugandan flights online?

Yes! Its matter of carrying out search and buy your domestic Uganda flights with an optional airline to choose from. Uganda has a list of domestic airlines available for you to choose from and will even show you the cheapest day to fly with our best fare finder.

Get started now! Booking for your next flight ‘’domestic’’ can use our search form – to find your next trip to fly over to one of Uganda National Parks.

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