Explore maramagabo forest : Achieve global safari brings to you an ironwood donated tropical rainforest known as Maramagambo forest which is located in bushenyi district and being part of Queen Elizabeth National Park. Maramagambo forest starts from the escapement of kichwamba down to Lake Edward in the East Africa.

With the name maramagambo simply meaning short of words according to the locals, and according to the myth around this it is said that forest was called as so after a group of locals lost their way in it, and on them finding their path to the village they all where short of words hence the name maramagambo forest.

Maramagambo forest according to Achieve global safari is a highly stunning destination with attractions surrounding it all around and some of these sceneries around include caves and crater lakes.

Some of the crater lakes surrounding maramagambo forest are Lake Nyamasingiri and Lake Kyasanduka.

And the great stunning venture that anyone can encounter at this thrilling forest is the Bat filled cave which as well habituates huge Bat eating pythons.

Visitors that have had a Uganda safari at maramagambo forest are always left in awe, due to the fact that the nature walks are authentically less crowed as of the reason that the forest has lush cover.

One might ask what could be the best or most suitable time to have Uganda safari to maramagambo forest, Achieve global safari assures that the forest can simply be visited throughout the whole year.

But for the best experience it is highly advisable to have a tour at maramagambo forest in the dry season and these kinds of seasons are in the months of June, September, December and February.

And this is as of the evident fact that primates are easily spotted in such months and birding in the maramagambo forest will not tend to be so stiff because the paths would be dry and easy to trail through.

Never the less as it is true that the rainy season is the breeding season for the birds so to most bird lovers would prefer to have the Uganda safari activity carried out in the rainy season.

In this season maramagambo forest is full of fascinating sounds and sights from the birds both the resident and migratory bird, in this rainy season there is lots of fresh fruits and food for the stunning birds and other maramagambo forest dwelling wildlife.

Besides the weather conditions on when to visit maramagambo forest there also different ways to locate this destination according to Uganda safaris, maramagambo forest can be approached  through a well trusted travel operator like Achieve Global Safaris.

Other wards, this operator can help you travel to Uganda and any other destination without any stress of transportation; accommodation and can as well prepare your permits for any safari activity you may want to engage in.

To travellers on their own have two choices – hire a personal car or use public transport. Buses can be got at the main park heading to Bushenyi. The main park is located close to Nakivubo stadium. Once at the bus park, look for buses plying the Mbarara – Bushenyi route. If these are not around, you can also board the ones heading to Bushenyi via Fort Portal and Kasese.

Safari activities in maramagambo forest

Maramagambo forest has got so very many attractive safari activities to enjoy on your Achieved visit to the forest and some of these safari activities will simply not be so crowed and hence maramagambo forest will offer you a private and exclusive time  hence these  involve these below;

Birdwatching: Maramagambo forest is home to over 190 species of birds and these birds are easily spotted on a Uganda bird-watching safari in the maramagambo forest during and season of the year according to your choice of Uganda safari tour time.

Some of these birds include; napped pigeon, bat hawk, yellow warbler and so very many others.

Visit the bat caves: This is also another stunning areas in the maramagambo forest this area is full of amazing and lovely caves to sight, these caves are homes to different bats and some huge bat eating pythons, Explore maramagabo forest

Visitors can actually sight the African rock pythons in this area and according to Achieve global safaris one has to go to the caves with precaution.

Nature walks: Guided nature walks are another safari experience on you safari to maramagambo forest get the chance to have a simple non crowed nature walk in the forest led by well-trained Uganda safari guides and have it best in addition to bird watching as you enjoy the cool winds in the forest.

Cultural Encounters: Get to know about the different cultural norms around maramagambo forest and the local activities in the area get to hear the tale where the name maramagambo was originated from and also the history around the caves.

All these are super mind blowing safari activity involvements at the maramagambo forest which will simply make your safari more extraordinary.

Primate viewing: Besides being home to birds maramagambo forest is also home to a number of primates and some of the primates found in the forest include; blue monkeys, Ververt monkeys, Colobus Monkeys, Baboons,  Red Tailed Monkeys and Chimpanzees. Nocturnal primates like Bush babies and Pottos can also be sighed during night walks.

Explore maramagabo forest
Explore maramagabo forest

But for as far as chimpanzee trekking is involved Achieve global safaris notifies that this activity is not open in maramagambo forest due to the fact that they are not habituated, Explore maramagabo forest

After getting to experience all these safari activities in maramagambo forest one is also free to have a stopover at the Queen Elizabeth nation park as well for more parts of exploring Uganda at its beam.

Maramagambo forest is a forest full of great ventures to any nature love and this forest safari should be on your top list for this coming February as you get to learn and deeper about the pearl of Africa in every detail possible.

Achieve global safari is ready to give you the kind of adventure you may require and all it takes is a simple booking to Achieve your safari goals.

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