Facts About Golden Monkeys; Golden monkey are known as the most active species and in East Africa can be found in the Virunga Volcanic mountains of Central Africa including four national parks such as Mgahinga Gorilla National Park located in southwestern region of Uganda, a home for mountain gorillas and golden monkeys, Volcanoes National Park lies in the northwestern regions of Rwanda   as well as Virunga and Kahuzi Biega  National Park both found in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo.

Before these species were specified as subspecies of the blue monkeys but currently were named as Golden monkeys. In spite that ,Golden monkeys are the most  active  primates which live in social groups of up 30 individuals and their diet consists of mainly of bamboo, leaves and fruits as well as insects.

There facts are based on diet, behaviors, ecology, habitat, reproduction and conservation.


 Golden monkeys prefer to live in areas with abundant of fruits and bamboo.

Facts About Golden Monkeys
Golden Monkey Tracking

They like moving in between areas but depending on the season. When its season for ripping fruits they remain in those areas.

Since bamboo is one of their diet, they prefer staying in such habitats with bamboo.

Social behavior

 Golden monkeys can move in various group size and can be seen in small groups of three up to 62 monkeys.

The groups of Golden monkeys can be found at higher elevation though it seems to be smaller.

Among golden monkeys, the one responsible for catering the safety of their territories and their offspring are the female monkeys. Female will protect, take care of the offspring’s till they are old enough. Regardless, males can be on their own.

They love sleeping comfortably and they sleep in groups of four in thick bamboo forest that provide enough shelter to sleep during the night.

They love eating far enough in order to allow them to move back to the habitats on daily basis.

They often return to one of different sleeping areas after a day of feeding.

They also often sleep in small subgroups of four at the top of bamboo plants.

Golden monkeys also tend to feed near the sleeping area and return to this same sleeping location day after day.


There gestation period takes about five months and the youngling is born with fur and eyes wide open.  Then the mother is responsible of the baby for about two years before they are given any freedom to care for themselves.


 Golden monkey has a diet that comprised of primary young bamboo leaves, fruits, bamboo shoots invertebrates, shrubs and flowers. Ideally, golden monkey is an opportunistic feeder and its diet can easily be influenced by the availability of fruits

They feed more on fruits.

Golden monkeys also feed more no flowers and shrubs.

 Other Facts about Golden Monkeys

 Golden monkeys can live up to 19 years.

The male monkeys have range size between 48 and 67 centimeters and females 46 to 53 centimeters thus rendering them slightly smaller.

The male Golden monkey can weigh about 4.5 to 7kilograms while the females go up to about 3.5 to 4.5 kilograms. Though you might have been expecting to be weighing like large animals.

Facts About Golden Monkeys
Facts About Golden Monkeys

Lastly, Golden Monkeys are the most active and playful primates and beautiful to look at. To most people who visit Uganda or Rwanda to track golden monkeys usually choose to combine their trip with Wildlife and Gorilla Trekking Safari.

To primate’s lovers, their highlight on the trip or on Primates destination is usually seeing chimpanzees, Gorillas, Golden monkeys and the other primate’s species to see include baboons, colobus as well as L’Hoest monkeys.

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