Facts about Uganda Safaris; Are you planning to go on Uganda Safaris? Expect to adventurous into a lot of attractions and activities on your itinerary plan to include Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking, Wildlife safari, Birding Tour and Cultural tours. More note, there is so much more to experience while on Uganda safaris. Whatever your interest it is important that you plan well and have enough Uganda Safari facts for a memorable Uganda experience.

Despite the fact that, Uganda is a landlocked country that astride the equator and offers mesmerizing natural beauty and superb wildlife viewing that refers it to be called the Pearl of Africa.

One of the major selling attraction in Uganda are the mountain gorillas – gorilla trekking safaris. The Uganda rainforest also shelters wide populations of chimpanzees and monkey species thus rewarding it the world’s best destination for primate tracking. Birding is also rewarding. Since, Uganda harbors with over 1100 bird species which can be done very where in Uganda’s protected area. Uganda’s north lies several open savannas, where plains animals and predators roam in plenty. Then Uganda’s rivers including the White Nile, birthed in Lake Victoria – home of school of hippos and teem of crocodiles. The diverse riches of Uganda are to concur with Sir Winston Churchill thus making it is ‘’end to end one beautiful garden’’.

Location of Uganda

Well, Uganda is a small country covering with a land surface of 236,040 square kilometers making it possible for one to visit a bucket of attraction when on their vacation.  One can choose to combine different activities in one holiday safari that is to say two weeks – one will visit some savannah national parks for birding tours and wildlife safaris as well as visiting the forested national parks for primate’s tours; Gorilla trekking, Chimpanzee trekking and Golden Monkey trekking.

Gorilla Trekking, Wildlife Safaris and Scenery;

Other irresistible attractions in Uganda Safari include; the half of the world’s Gorillas in Uganda, primate’s species include Chimpanzees, Golden monkeys and Monkeys among others. More so, the source of the mighty Nile in Jinja which is a setting for some of the world’s remarkable white water rafting.

Travelers who wishing to go mountain adventure; Uganda has got all in safari store – mountain and hiking lovers, you will find the snowcapped Rwenzori Mountains, the Virunga volcanoes and Mount Elgon as well as beautiful hiking opportunities and spectacular scenery.

More fact, Uganda is a home to small and big beautiful lakes such as Lake Victoria, Lake Albert, Lake George, Lake Edward, Lake Kyoga, Lake Bunyonyi, Lake Mutanda among others. There is also various crater lake found in the Albertine region. The Ssese island which is found in the Kalangala district on Lake Victoria comprised of 84 islands that make for a gainful getaway to unique and quiet pristine beaches.

Facts About Uganda Safaris

Even though Uganda is less known compared to other safari destinations – you shouldn’t miss to add on your travel list because it offers more than you could expect on your typical safari with beautiful and untouched scenery and scenic landscape.

Uganda culture and Its people

Uganda has a plenty of stunning cultural tourism sites and events that reflects the diversity of over 50 tribes. The county has many chiefdoms and kingdoms with a rich history behind. Currently, Uganda has no political powers but have cultural influence, some being more active than others.  The country’s most ancient inhabitants are restricted in the hilly southwest region – the Batwa who are formerly hunter gather people

Is Uganda Safe?

Fact, Uganda is the most Africa’s hospitable and welcoming country and a very secure country.  It offers a remarkably low level of crime and hassle directed at tourists. However, your encouraged to be cautious just like in any other destination.  Visit Uganda and experience its warmness of heart, the perfect cuisine with a constant supply of organic fresh vegetables and fruits and learn about the rich cultural heritage.

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