Gorilla Families in Rwanda-Volcanoes National Park; Volcanoes National Park, its main highlights are the great mountain gorillas which can be encountered on Gorilla trekking experience which can be done half day with one hour provided to the tourists. The one hour provided is to observe these unique gentle giants their amazing behaviors while in their nature inhabitants. The park is located in the far northwest of Rwanda, estimating about 3 hours’ drive from Kigali international Airport or Kigali town.  Below are the outstanding gorilla families where gorilla trekking can be encountered from while on Rwanda Gorilla safaris as follows;

 Agashya group

 Visiting gorillas in their nature inhabitants is more worth than viewing those of Zoos. Although it does n’t tell at what point you will be seeing them just know gorilla trekking is the major activity that attracts tourists to Volcanoes National Park and to this group in particular. The activity is experienced through hiking in thick forest then you will have chances of seeing other species of birds, small privates and species of plants.

This group is led by a silverback called Agashya who had to overthrow Nyakarima before taking over the group. Currently the family has grown from 13 to 27 members in a space of 8 years.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda
Agashya group

Sabyinyo Gorilla Family group

The Sabyinyo gorilla family group can be easily reached in their lower slopes of the bamboo zone. The view is rewarding as you visit them in their nature habitant. This group is headed by Guhonda silverback and has over 12 members.

Titus Family

This is a gorilla family found in the heart of Dian Fossey, which is comprised of 8 members led by the silverback. The group was led by Titus who used father over 20 babies with the five females in group and lots from others. Due to his death that occurred in September 2009 ‘’ age of 35 ‘’ it had to be overthrown by his son, Kuryama, the incumbent king of the Titus monarchy. However, the group is based on the eastern slopes of the Karisoke volcano not even so far from the grave of their Godmother ‘’Dian Fossey’’

Amahoro Gorilla Group

In general, Rwanda organizes Kwita Izina known as a global conservation event in which gorillas are named according their characters. By 2005, this group was named Amahoro in local language which means someone whose peacefulness is profoundly rewarding. The group has 18 members which live in peace and very tolerant to tourists and only create fear when they are in attack.

On visit to them to keep peace to the group leader Ubumwe, never attempt to look directly in his eyes. You trying to look directly to him he may thick you want to challenge his authority.

However, Amahoro group is composed of 2 black backs ,5infants gorillas ,4 juveniles ,2 silverbacks and 4 adult mothers.

Susa A Group

This is the most visited gorilla group in Volcanoes national park and before it had one of the biggest population of members, boasting of 42 members and defiant member split off to form Susa B group, also known as Karisimbi group.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda
Susa Group of Mountain Gorillas

Umubano Group

This group has 13 members comprised of silverback, blackbacks, six infants, three adult females which is carried by a dominant silverback who got tired of unending fights in Amahoro group. It’s the reason how the group came to be called Umubano, a local word which means living together in harmony, Gorilla Families in Rwanda.

Susa B- Karisimbi group

These are the members which were split from the Susa A group in 2008 with 9 members but now the group had increased to 15 individuals. These gorilla members live in the higher ranges of mountain Karisimbi-Rwanda’s highest mountain ‘’4,507 meter’’. Visiting them makes them more gainful as you get closer to our closest relatives in their nature inhabitants.

Hirwa Gorilla Family

The word Hirwa is in Kinyarwanda word which means lucky and it is one of the 7 groups in Virunga region that has twins. Any time of the year you can visit this gorilla family and with high chances of seeing all its 16 members. They can be located in mountain Sabinyo where they have been roaming freely after splitting from Sabyinyo group and Agashya group some years back.

Ugenda group

 This gorilla group has over 27 individuals which can viewed on gorilla trekking safari in Volcanoes National Park, where you will give one hour to observe them with their unique looks and photo shot.

Gorilla Families in Rwanda
Ugenda group

Kwitonda group

 Kwitonda group is composed of 23 members led by Akarevuro led by two dominant silverbacks, Magumu and Kigoma.

Before migrating in the lower slopes of Mount. Sabyinyo and Mount Gahinga in 2003, by this time it was still led by Kwitonda a peaceful silverback that passed on shortly after clocking 40 years in 2012.

This group was named after Kwitonda as he led his family far away from the war torn zones of Congo.

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