Hirwa Gorilla Family In Uganda : Hirwa gorilla is located in Mgahinga gorilla national park, which is famously known as the best destination where tourists can go to while on their gorilla trekking safari in Uganda. This Hirwa gorilla family/ group is recorded to have originated from the Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and it derived its name from a Kinyarwanda work “Hirwa” which means the “lucky one”. More so, in October 2019, it was recorded in history that around 20 habituated mountain gorilla species crossed over from Volcanoes national park in Rwanda and fully settled in Mgahinga national park. In addition, these animal species have contributed a lot to the tourism industry in Uganda because they have attracted many tourists to travel from all different parts of the world to visit Uganda with an aim of trekking the mountain gorillas.

Hirwa gorilla family was led by a dominant silver back who was named Munyiga and this gorilla group also came into existence after the troublesome fights between the Susa family and Munyiga because he had a habit of always mating with the females in the this gorilla group. In addition, this Hirwa gorilla family is highly considered to be among the lucky gorilla groups because it was the only group in Volcanoes national park, which was able to give birth to twins in 2011. In addition, these twins were born from a female mountain gorilla group, which was referred to as “Kabatwa”, and they were named as Isango Gato and Isango Gakuru. More so, the Hirwa family gorilla group is commonly known because it also inhabited the slopes of Mount Sabinyo which happened to be nicknamed as the “Old man’s teeth” because this name resulted from the fact that the peak of the mountain resembles the worn out teeth which is not like the peak in the while world and within the Virunga’s. However, tourists enjoy trekking the habituated mountain gorilla species because it is it only takes them about one hour to locate the species because they are always close compared to trekking within Bwindi Impenetrable national park.

Trekking the Hirwa Gorilla family.

Tourists who are interested in only trekking the Hirwa gorilla family can always do so from Mgahinga gorilla national park which can be found in the Southwestern region of Uganda in Kisoro district. This national park is considered to be among the smallest national parks in the country because it covers a total surface area of about 34 square kilometers. In addition, it was known to have only one habituated gorilla group, which was known as “Nyakagezi” and later in 2019, the Hirwa gorilla group migrated and moved in within this park hence leading to a big increase in the numbers of the mountain gorillas.

Hirwa Gorilla Family In Uganda
Hirwa Gorilla Family In Uganda

The Gorilla trekking activities in Mgahinga Gorilla national park always commence from Ntebeko, which is considered as the main entrance to the park. The Hirwa gorilla group is managed by the Uganda Wildlife Authority, which takes up a responsibility of ensuring the safety of the endangered species. ,more so, tourists who have their big interest in involving in the trekking are always required to pay a fee of about 700 USD per person they are always encouraged to acquire the their gorilla trekking permits about 3 months in advance in order to avoid any inconveniences while on their safari. And tourists willing to trek are always first briefed on how to handle themselves during the trekking and they are also put in groups with a maximum number of 8 people per group and this activity is best for tourists who are physically fit due to the fact that it involves in hiking and the trekkers should be health wise okay in order to avoid the spread of air borne diseases like flue and cough among themselves and the species. More so, Hirwa gorilla group can best be trekked on Mount Muhavura, which is an extinct volcano, which stands at an altitude between 2,227 meters and 4,127 above the sea level.  A trip to Uganda to trek the Hirwa gorilla group is always worth it whereby tourists get to learn and have new and interesting experiences.

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