History of Murchison Falls National Park : Murchison Falls National Park is famously renown for its large population in wildlife species ‘’Big four’’ of Big5 incudes; Leopards, lions, elephants, buffaloes and Rhinos can be seen in Ziiwa Rhino sanctuary the only home to encounter Rhinos in Uganda. Murchison Falls National Parks is home of the largest population of wildlife in Africa; It estimates 15,000 elephants freckled the landscape with their iconic silhouettes,14,000 hippo species guarded the river and 26,500 buffaloes stampeded across its savannas.

In the 1960s, Murchison Falls was not only the most visited park in Uganda but was also among the most visited in all of Africa. Due to its largest it covers an area of about 384,000 hectare and was established in 1952 as a national park. Fact, Victoria Nile runs its water through it, its wide, white rapids flanked by riverine forest and rust red cliffs.

In the 1970’s and early 80’s Uganda sank into civil war, wildlife populations declined. During a 1995 census around 200 elephants survived. Buffaloes plunged to around 1,000 and over 1,500 hippos.

Natural Heritage

Today, the park houses over 76 mammals and more than 450 bird species and an ambitious recovery plan is underway. Half quarter of all the world’s Rothschild giraffes live here and four of the Big5 can be seen here except the rhinos which can be seen at Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary. Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary which is location on the same route to Murchison Falls National Park. The park is also home to the rare shoebill stork calls along with a unique antelope called the Uganda Kob and hosts over 900 chimpanzees that live in the Budongo Forest home to largest mahogany forest in East Africa, History Of Murchison Falls National Park

Murchison Falls National Park covers an area of about 3,893 square kilometers which is bisected by the Victoria Nile from east to west for a distance of about 115 kilometers. More so, the park is under the governing body ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority.

The park is the location of the Murchison Falls, where the waters of the Nile flow through a narrow gorge of 7 meters and 23 feet wide before plunging 43 meters and 141 feet.

Animals that make the park truly a Uganda wildlife safari like Lion, elephants, buffaloes, leopards, Uganda Kobs, warthogs, oribis, waterbucks, hippos, hartebeests and grey duikers as well as Nile crocodiles among others. Primates to encounter include; Chimpanzees, Red-tailed monkeys, blue monkeys and black and white colobus and patas monkey if you’re lucky.

History Of Murchison Falls National Park
Murchison Falls National Park

Birdlife is Murchison Falls National Park is hoven because the park hosts over 450 species of birds including; the rare shoe- billed stork, dwarf kingfisher, Goliath heron, white-thighed hornbill, great blue turaco, Grey-headed kingfisher, Black-headed Lapwing, African Darter, Malachite kingfisher, Swamp Flycatcher, Giant Heron, Pied kingfisher, silver bird, Yellow-billed stork, Weaver birds, Black -billed Barbet, Yellow-fronted Tinkerbird, Rock Pratincole, Long -toed plover among others.

When should I visit?

Murchison Falls National Park experiences a tropical climate and is hot throughout the year. However, the dry season runs from December to February and the wet season from March to November.

Murchison Falls National Park – Uganda’s largest game park can be easily accessed from Kampala or Entebbe via road or flight by domestic flight.

Attractions to see and do in Murchison Falls National Park; Game drives, Boat safaris, Hiking on top of the falls, Chimpanzee trekking in Budongo forest, Birding, Sport fishing, view of the Murchison Falls thus offering unforgettable experience.

Accommodation; Murchison Falls National Park offers a range of perfect tented camps and safari lodges; they are in place to accommodate visitors on safari. They range from luxury, Mid-range and Budget accommodation.

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