Horseback safaris in Jinja

Horseback safaris in Jinja Uganda: Horseback safaris in Jinja Uganda is some a fascinating and thrilling safari activity enjoyed with in Uganda the pearl of Africa enabling one to explore the beauty of Jinja with in the deep villages via well maintained trails while at the back of a horse. The horseback ride as well takes you along the shores of River Nile the longest river in Africa and the entire world at large that is 4,132 miles followed by Amazon River at 4,000 miles. Horseback ride safari in Jinja Uganda is enjoyed by anyone regardless of the experience level as these horses are well trained and taken care off to ensure that the rider enjoy a memorable experience. Only people below 90kg are allowed to participate in this thrilling activity and the ride takes about 1 hour to several hours depending on one’s wish. All the horses to be ridden are equipped with the saddles, a rain jacket and a helmet.

Horseback safaris in Jinja

On a daily basis, there are both short (morning and afternoon), sunset (evening rides) and overnight horseback ride safari. 

Short horseback riding safaris in Jinja 

These short horseback riding safaris in Jinja always set off at 10:00am for morning rides and 2:00pm for afternoon rides and they range from 1 hour to 3 hours and the costs include; $40 for 1 hour horseback ride, $50 for 1 and a half hours’ horseback ride, $60 for 2 hours horseback ride US$60, and $80 for 3 hours.

Sunset horseback ride 

Sunset horseback ride in Jinja starts at 4:00pm and runs for only 1 hour and a half at a cost of $60. The cost includes the ride, transportation beer, soda and juice. The minimum number of riders for the sunset horseback ride must be at least 2 people.

Overnight horseback ride

Finally the overnight Horseback Safari in Jinja Uganda is the longest ride one could ever have. It is a 15Km taking experienced riders along the Nile River and proceed to the Haven lodge where they spend an overnight. Overnight horseback ride is a physical challenging adventure thus only experienced riders are encouraged to take part in it. Just like the sunset horseback ride, overnight horseback ride in Jinja also requires a minimum of 2 riders to take place. However, in most cases you find a single rider waiting to get a number two for the safari to hold thus single rider are encouraged to try booking for in case there is the second person then the safari will be conducted. This overnight horseback ride includes a ride, accommodation and meals but hey, it excludes drinks so riders have to buy own drinks.

Horseback safaris in Jinja
Horseback safaris in Jinja

Pony rides for the Kids 

For the children aged between 4-10 years of age, they have also been remembered and organize for then a 30 minutes pony ride at a cost of Ugandan shillings 70,000 per kid/ child. For the kids to enjoy this experience, the guide MUST have at all the times assist the kids and ensure that they are safe and enjoying the ride. 

Horseback ride as stated earlier above can be enjoyed even by the amateurs thus beginner have not to worry about the ride. The ride always begins with the briefing and training to the beginners to be equipped with the basic skills of how to manage and control the horse to move at your own pace since these horses are well trained and sensitive. 

Packing list for horseback riding safari in Jinja Uganda include;

  • A Camera since you need to record those moments enjoyed at the horse’s back.
  • Sun scream to keep your beautiful skin from sunburns
  • A water bottle as you require enough drinking water at all the time during the horseback ride.


Apart from Horseback riding safari, Jinja is also one of the best destination to visit even for other stunning tourist activities including Boat cruise to the source of the Nile River, Jinja city tour, Bungee jumping, quad biking, Kayaking, guided walks, swimming and many more that make Jinja one of the topmost destinations to explore while on a Uganda tour. Let us make for you a memorable Uganda safari to Jinja and any other parts of Uganda the pearl of Africa. We as well take tourists to Kenya, Tanzania, Rwanda and Democratic Republic of Congo and any given period of time. Let us know how you wish to enjoy this!

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