How do gorillas communicate; Gorillas are the most intelligent and largest mammal species that are divided into Eastern and Western gorillas, of which mountain gorillas fall into Eastern subspecies. However, travelers tend to ask this common question how-do gorillas commutate the answer is ‘’YES’’.

Gorillas do communicate in various ways which  includes facial expressions, sounds, pastures and gestures. However, gorillas are known to make over 22 distinct sounds to communicate different feelings, also from playful chuckling to frightened screams as well as belches of contentment.

Note; Gorillas are affectionate creatures.

Ways of Communication in Gorillas;


However, gorillas are inhabitants of forested areas where family members often cannot meet each other thus using mainly vocalization as a way of communication. More so, gorilla offers about 25 distinct vocalizations and each have different meaning. The most communicative in the group is their leader known as silverbacks.

When travelling, grunts and barks are the most uncommon sounds used. Since they just produce to indicate where about of other member of the group. The group member can recognize each other from these sounds.

How Do Gorillas Communicate
How Do Gorillas Communicate

Other way to use these grunt and barks can be used especially when discipline is needed. Roars and screams signal alarm are sounds produced by dominant silverback.

 There are also deep sounds known as rumbling belches which are heard frequently during feeding and resting moments.

Baby Mountain gorillas for them can attract their mother’s attention to their needs through whispering, crying and screaming.

When gorillas find a highly preferred food this makes them to hum or sing around. And during this time usually involves in several individuals.

Facial expression

Just know that, gorilla’s emotions can also be communicated through facial expression. Just like you may be able to read a person’s mood by their expressions. Another way of communication in gorillas is the distinctive expressive of their play face. There play faces comprises of an open mouth with low hanging bottom lip and no teeth showing. The play face is commonly showed up by juveniles and often paired with the ape’s equivalent of laugher.

Young gorillas have a system of play tags and gorilla are consider staring of hostility.

Sometimes gorillas communicate in couple of different way by showing their teeth. They can also have bare teeth where the mount is open and both rows of teeth are showing.

They also use a sign of submission and though to be tied to the origins of humans smiling. This thought happens in a context where dominate silver ‘’male gorilla’’ can be distressed or anxious. They can serve as award sign.

Chest beat

They also use chest beat as a way of communication, it’s done by beating the chest with open hand and males have large air sacs which are located in their chests to help carry the sound over long distances.

In other way round gorillas’ senses resemble those of humans. When they are communicating they use senses with conspecifics. Not only seeing and hearing but also smelling and touching.

In times of danger, they emit a very specific scent which can be smelled in a meters. Then after he will have to alert other gorilla families without making any kind of noise.

How Do Gorillas Communicate
How Do Gorillas Communicate

Can gorillas communicate with humans?

Generally, gorillas can learn to sign and are able to communicate with humans.

However, gorilla trekking activity in Uganda can be conducted in two famous safari destination Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National park and Mgahinga Gorilla National park both lies in southwestern region of Uganda. In Rwanda gorilla trekking can be done in Volcanoes national park. One to be able to trek gorilla of these countries Uganda and Rwanda you need to hold a valid permit sold directly to government body in each country.

In Uganda gorilla trekking permits costs USD700 foreign nonresident, USD600 foreign resident per person per trek and are sold directly to UWA-Uganda Wildlife Authority.

In Rwanda gorilla trekking permits costsUSD1500 per person per day and can be sold at Rwanda development board.

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