How fit is to be for Gorilla trekking safaris / Am I fit enough for a Gorilla Trek in Uganda? The level of fitness needed for a Gorilla Trek – well, Gorilla trekking fitness is rarely discussed on Gorilla Safari Tour Operator’s websites in Uganda. For this matter, being reasonably physically fit is essential to make your Gorilla Trek more enjoyable.

Most tourists to Uganda and Rwanda are advised to plan their gorilla trekking safari six months before it begins. Actually, it’s enough time to get the gorilla trekking fitness level for your wonderful and successful gorilla trekking encounter.

To many visitors prepare for their Gorilla Trek by Hiking, biking, going for walks or join in for gym in the country where they live. Yes! Your present fitness level should not prevent you from doing a gorilla trek. A moderate level of fitness is suitable for most.

If you have heavy luggage -porters are available to assist you on the trek as a small note. Additionally, the use of a local walking stick is a perfect aid. Useful gear to pack with like daypack, clothing and proper boots with traction that make the Gorilla trek worth experience.

Those who are crippled or totally weak to make it to the trek – the rotating porters can carry you into the forest while using a sedan chair if all fails. It is not demeaning work for the porters but quite profitable since they get much money by local standards and are always happy for the opportunity given.

Challenges faced -Gorilla Trekking;

The Gorilla trek starts on trails found throughout forest. As you get closer to the Gorilla Family an experienced tour guide will lead you through the thick vegetation to the gorilla family you’re assigned to.

Dress for protection including hand gloves to protect you from broken branches. Many find the new trail challenging, so we recommend you to get into shape even with moderate exercise.

One to climb to the Bamboo Forest level in Rwanda’s Volcanoes National Park and Mgahinga Gorilla National Park Uganda. The treks vary from a moderate fitness level required.

More so, Uganda’s Bwindi Impenetrable Forest can be up and down hills, ridges, valleys across streams and through the forest’s as well as thick undergrowth.

Fortunately, ever since we have been taking our client for gorilla trekking experience – none of them as ever game up. Often the reason for that is why they used the services of a porter and had a sturdy.

Gorilla Trekking Fitness – Am I fit enough for a Gorilla Trek?

Gorilla trekking is physically demanding and it’s essential to be adequately prepared to successful experience. While the fitness requirements can vary depending on the specific location and terrain.

Below are some of general considerations to help assess if you are physically fit for a gorilla trek;

Hiking and endurance;

Primarily gorilla trekking involves in hiking through dense forests and steep terrain for several hours. So, you should be fit to make comfortable walk on tuff surfaces, climbing uphill and descending slopes. You can do regular aerobic exercises like walking, hiking or jogging can help build endurance.

Strength and balance;

Gorilla trekking may require traversing muddy and slippery areas, navigating fallen branches, crossing streams.

How Fit Is to Be for Gorilla Trekking Safaris
Gorilla Trekking Safaris

You having good core strength, balance and stability can be beneficial including strength training exercises like Squats, lungs and core workouts. This helps to improve your strength and stability.

Duration and climate;

Gorilla treks can range from half day to a full day, depending on the gorilla family’s location and movement. Being prepared for extended walking and various weather conditions is essential. We recommend you to dress appropriately in layers, wear sturdy hiking shoes and carrying important items like sunscreen, a hat and insect repellent.

It’s worth noting that gorilla treks are usually tailored to the body fitness level, and guided will accommodate different fitness abilities. If you have any pre-existing medical conditions, you should consult with your healthcare provider.

Remember, the experience of seeing gorillas in their natural habitats is enriching your overall enjoyment.

Preparing yourself for trekking:

Right, your advised to prepare yourself before you arrive for your primate safari. It starts by taking walks or hikes in or to near your community.

Tips for improving your fitness for gorilla trekking;

Walk hilly terrain; it begins with walking 3 -4 times weekly on trails with hills and inclines.

Stair climb; Use stair climbs at least twice a week. Make a choice of set of about 6 -10 stairs and climb at a challenging pace for 2-3 minutes. Take rest, then repeat.

Add hiking hills; At least in a week take time to involves hills and uneven terrain. Treat it like a dry run for the real things. Carry a pack with 10-20% of your body weight.

Listen to your body; If you feel excessive fatigue, take an extra day of rest. To allow your body like 1 to 2 weeks to adjust to again strength. Go at a pace that feel sustainable. Definitely, you will have high chances of enjoying a fun and successful experience on the trail of Uganda or Rwanda, after practicing into your fitness routine for a few months leading up to your gorilla trekking safari tour.

If you don’t hesitate, you can contact us Achieve Global Safaris for more information on how you should plan your gorilla trekking experience on a fitness level.

Gorilla trekking Uganda goes at USD 700 per person per day, Rwanda Gorilla Trekking permit cost USD1,500 per person per day.

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