How gorilla families are organized; Just like human beings live in families of five to forty individuals even to gorillas. Each family consists of a dominant male commonly referred to as the lead silverback and then other males which are named black backs. The family is also composed of mature female’s members and then other young males and female juveniles and children. However, when the male mountain gorillas age, their back lining turns from black to silver thus the name silverback. The separation on how silverback, black back female’s gorillas and children are there in a given family.

How gorilla’s families are organized;

Male mountain gorillas are always in charge of protecting other family members from intruders. In certain families where there more than one silver back, the main silverback will always be near to the rest of the family where as one or two other silverback will always be in a distance from where they can detect any enemies before they attack. More so, main silverback tends to watch as females, juveniles and children are eating and playing.

However, gorilla families are organized under normal circumstances, it’s only the dominant silverbacks that will tend to mate with the rest of the females in the family. To other silverback can mate with females in the family behind doors. If caught, these silverbacks can be severely punished by the dominant silverback. 

How gorilla families are organized
Silverback Gorilla

Under the watchful eyes of silverback, mountain gorillas begin their day by moving from place to another looking for food. After feeding, they will then begin making their nests where they will rest for the night.

Whereas gorilla families are organized because they are territories. Like any other wild animals that mark their own territories. You may find many gorilla families in the region and in such they are not territorial. Note, mountain gorilla’s gorilla families are organized because they merely meet each other. If this happens it take a short time and they will then move away from each other.  For more details about the behaviors of mountain gorillas in either Uganda and Rwanda. One to be able to see    these unique species of mountain gorillas in Uganda you should visit Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National and Mgahinga Gorillas national park and volcanoes National Park in Rwanda.

 What are gorilla families like?

Meanwhile, gorillas are social animals which usually form harems such that one silverback male lives together with several adult female and their offspring’s. More so, in mountain gorillas almost 40% families contain several adult males who are closely related.

Do gorilla families stay together? Social Behavior

Therefore, most of the silverback are solitary for about 4 years and turn 15 before acquiring a troop of their own. Note adult females are not bonded to one another and in actual sense they do complete to groom and stay close to the silverback. When it comes mothers can be closely bonded to their offspring for the first three years of life.

What do gorillas do in groups?

A gorilla family usually have separation structures of one adult male ‘’silverback ‘’ which usually live together with several adult females ‘’3 to 6 and their offspring’s. The task of the silverback is to protect the family, if his leadership is successful.

What is a family of gorillas called?

A group of gorillas is called a troop

Who is the leader of a gorilla’s family?

The silverback gorillas are renown as the leader of the gorilla family who protect, mediate conflicts and breed with the female to pass on his genetics. Then to day rest of the family forms their own hierarchy.

How many gorillas live in a family group?

Each gorilla’s families have 10 to 30 individuals led by a dominant adult male or silverback who holds his positions for years. The bonds between the silverback and his females can form the basis of gorilla social life experience.

Is there a hierarchy in gorillas?

Each gorilla group has its own dominance hierarchy where females will also have a separation of their own and for males there can be multiple adult silverbacks one will be dominant above the rest and make their own decisions where to sleep and eat.

Do gorillas know their family?

The researchers wanted to prove whether gorillas have evolved away of recognizing their own offspring’s. And the research shows that there is no evidence to suggest that gorillas have a way of recognizing their own offspring/father.

Why do gorillas groom each other?

Gorillas groom each other because it’s an important aspect of gorilla groups which helps to establish and reinforce social bonds.

Do all male gorillas turn into silver backs?

Yes, they can become silverbacks but not all become dominant some time it depends on genetics by which female is raises the young male and if that male survives to be a dominant male of the group.

Do gorillas have a leader?

Yes, a gorilla family have a leader called silverback male gorilla The silverback comes from their back which has silver hair.

Why can’t you look a gorilla in the eye?

It’s because gorilla are shy mammals and you choosing to look them direct in eyes makes them feel uncomfortable and insecure and if you have direct eyes to them, they might charge at you aggressively.

Do gorillas fall in love?

According to scientists, gorillas do grieve their dead and have funerals for them just like humans.

How gorilla families are organized
How gorilla families are organized

What are gorillas afraid of?

Gorillas are afraid of reptiles like chameleons and caterpillars and also afraid of water and cross streams only if they can do without getting wet such as crossing over fallen logs and in rain.

Do gorillas cry?

Gorillas may cry out as vocalizations though they don’t produce tears like humans do when we cry.

Are silverback’s good fathers?

Yes, he provides close relationship with their young stars most especially when the mom dies, he become a good father through protecting the infants and his care increases their chances of survive if their mother dies. He allows them to sleep in his nest.

How gorillas communicate with each other?

Gorillas communicate is various ways such as sounds, facials expressions, postures and gestures. More so about gorillas, have been made at least 22 distinct sounds to communicate different feeling s from playful chucking to frightened screams since are affectionate creatures.

Are gorillas friendly to human?

Generally, gorillas are peaceful and gentle mammals. They are friendly and fact that they share 98% of their DNA with human beings only that proves that they are more like us. They are social animals and only become aggressive towards humans when they feel threatened.

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