How Hard is Gorilla Trekking in Uganda?

How hard is Gorilla trekking in Uganda? This is the most asked question in the minds of travelers before planning a visit for gorilla trekking in Uganda or Rwanda and Congo .All in all you need to be fit in the body because Gorilla trekking  involves in hiking through difficult terrain ,thick vegetation ,water bodies ,hills and valleys .Although it is considered one of the most fabulous wildlife experience among other touristic activities on earth ,very challenging and strenuous leaving one exhausted ,with sore knee to those who are not used  of walking for long hours. This activity is all about hiking and have unpredictable tracks in thick forest to deal with biting insects and thorns. Rain is also a great worry in some of the national parks.

But the greatest advice given to the visitor is to start planning mentally before embarking on gorilla trekking. You need to prepare for unpredictable weather, terrain and changes in plan which might happen in visited destination. Though it is bit challenging but 98% of trackers who visit gorilla trekking finish off their activity.

What makes Gorilla trekking quite interesting is the experience of hiking done in greedy vegetation, territory and tropical forest. While trekking, you will have amazing opportunity to spot birds, smaller primates and the scenic scenery. Some tourists enjoy adventuring slid in the mud or hiking up steep cliffs just to see the primates. Those travelers who get disappointed on their gorilla trekking experience, we have noticed that they find the gorillas too soon thus missing a huge fun of trekking for hours.

How hard or long is Gorilla trekking; Trekking Mountain gorillas is quiet unpredictable, depending on where were left the previous day. It might take between 30 to 8 hours before meeting a particular gorilla family. For instance, the length of gorilla trekking depends on many factors, one of them is the Gorilla group you’re to trek on that day. While some gorilla families live close to the meeting center and lodges, easing the move and they keep on moving deeper into the forest or park. Some gorilla families keep moving away each time, trackers on trek sometime get closer to them before settling. This is especially happening to those who choose to go for the Gorilla habituation experience. The gorilla habituation experience can only be done in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest to allow tourists more time with gorillas that first undergoes the habituation process. Tourists who plan to do double gorilla trekking, meaning trekking 1 to 2 days, they assign different gorilla group each day. This depends on the time taken to locate the group and enjoy their thrilling behavior. It is advisable to select your accommodation near the area you selected gorilla family is known to be living. This only appears if you are trekking gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest.

Bwindi Forest National Park is one of the premium four national park where mountain gorilla trekking takes place in Africa. Gorilla trekking in Uganda can also be carried out in Mgahinga Gorilla national park, the Volcanoes National park in Rwanda and the Virunga National Park in Democratic Republic of Congo. Each destination has its weaknesses. In Bwindi, visitors trekking has to deal with rivers, stream and thicker forest. Travelers to Mgahinga and Volcanoes National Park have to be physically fit to hike within the mists, higher altitude and bamboo forests. And for travelers to have the best gorilla trekking experience must go prepared, carrying right wear like hiking boots, clothing’s, rain jackets, a hat, insect repellent, hand gloves, sun glasses, snacks and enough mineral water bottle thus making you more comfortable on your gorilla safaris. Always book your gorilla safari /permits in advance 3 to 6 months before your arrival date, more especially in the peak season if you delay you might find the closest gorilla groups booked, you can book your gorilla permit by the tour operator.

How Hard is Gorilla Trekking in Uganda?
Gorilla Trekking Experience

In order to deal with the challenges of trekking gorillas, you need to be fit enough. Gorilla trekking involves in hiking through thick forest, valleys to locate a gorilla family. In this matter, trackers who are less fit cannot trek the primates, in fact you need to have average fitness levels. Trackers who are elders can be helped with the hiking sticks, sedan chair and porters. It is important trackers grown in age to book their gorilla early in advance to get assigned to easier trek and also reserve a sedan chair. The sedan chair can be hired at the park and porters are available to help you. All trackers are encouraged to hire the service of a porter in case they fill some difficult in hiking or carrying heavy luggage with cameras, binoculars many more. A t the park you will be given hiking sticks at free to help you in challenging terrains, while trekking always follow ranger’s advice right from time of briefing. You shouldn’t worry about hiking or your body fitness solutions are given and still you can make it till end.

How to improve your body fitness for gorilla trekking; Before your gorilla safari try to do some walking and hiking to prepare your body for long hikes, you can decide to walk from your office up to your residents if time and weather allows in order to deal with long walking hours involved in gorilla trekking experience. This will help you to find experience interesting and privileged to involve in and end up with unforgettable story to tell the rest on a Uganda Safari.

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