How safe is gorilla trekking in Rwanda or Is it safe to see gorillas in Rwanda? Rwanda is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world and the chances of being stolen in Rwanda may be lower than in your own country. The Rwanda government provided tight security, policemen everywhere meaning that Rwanda is safe and secure come along the national parks.

 In general, Rwanda’s gorilla trekking safari can be done in Volcanoes national park. And no visitors can enter the park without an escort, and armed security guides who protects in the norm of those trekking gorillas, golden monkey, hiking, birding.

However, gorilla tourism is a significant source of income to the government of Uganda and Rwanda, the 10% revenue is cut off to take care  of  Gorilla Conservation, park maintenance and infrastructure projects in the surrounding communities.

How Safe Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
Volcanoes Gorillas

No one can go for gorilla trekking without holding a valid permits but costs differ on Countries where gorillas can be found that is, trekkers in Uganda pays USD700 per person per day, Rwanda pays USD1,500 per person per day and USD400 in Democratic Republic of Congo.

Security measures have been put in place or each country where gorilla trekking take place in order to keep tourists safe and secure in African wilderness. Regard to this, cracks soldiers patrol parks in gorilla destinations like Rwanda and Uganda. And each country has secured its border to keep gorillas out. Although gorillas still wander between countries.

More so, Rwanda is considered one of the safest countries in the world. So chances of thieves in the country may be lower than in other African countries. In Rwanda security is made tight and police forces are staged almost everywhere in the country.

How to be safety on Gorilla Trekking Trips-Rwanda.

We recommend you before even suggesting to book your gorilla tours, always make sure that you book with a genuine tour operator with a registered tour company. If you have made up your minds to do payments, first find out if they have a company bank account or you can pay online but with genuine companies. Never send money to individuals account.

Is it safe to book lodges in the park?

 First of all, lodges or hotels are safe and secure, through booking them you might be helped by tour operator to book for you best comfortable hotels or Lodges with tight security policies in place. Don’t book with accommodations that are less visited by the visitors. Just know cheap hotels or lodges can easily be penetrated by criminals. Instead of booking those cheap sleeping unit, rather go for the Mid-range and Luxury hotels if possible.

Follow the Gorilla Trekking Rules;

 Truly Mountain gorillas are peaceful species.

How Safe Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda
How Safe Is Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda

Keep a distance of about 7 meters away from them.

Armed ranger knows how to scare away any wild animals by hooting in the air.

Never attempt to have direct eyes with gorillas.

Avoid louder voices.

Do not touch gorillas ‘’baby gorillas’’, through touching the gorilla a silverback can come for you knowing that you want to harm his offspring’s.

What to carry with you on gorilla safaris?

You need to carry useful essentials for your gorilla trekking safaris. Such items include; Long-sleeved shirts and trousers, hiking rubber shoes, sunglasses, hat, warm sweater and rain jackets and other warm clothing’s.

Best Time of the Year to Visit Rwanda Gorillas Safari.

The best time to visit Rwanda for a gorilla trekking is during short dry season from June to September and December to February. During dry season gorilla trekking can be worth a visit.

Other activities to do in Volcanoes national park include; Visiting the grave of Dian Fossey ,Mountain hiking ,Touring the lakes Ruhondo and Burera ,Gorilla trekking and Golden monkey tracking.

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