How to choose a gorilla family to visit? / Choose a gorilla family to trek? Travelers planning to visit or trek mountain gorillas should consult or contact a reputable tour operator with a registered tour company who will help you book easiest gorilla family to trek. Although this could be a common asked question by the travelers but easy to be answered. Of course they deserve to be answered as we about to explain it below.

However, just like any other visited safari destination the same goes to Gorilla trekking safaris. But before boarding your flight to Uganda’s Entebbe International Airport as an arrival landing site to Uganda, you need to first book in a valid Gorilla Permit which is advisable to be booked in advance like less than three to six months before your arrival time for gorilla safaris in Uganda’s Bwindi National Park. Uganda gorilla permits costs USD700 per person per trek and Rwanda’s gorilla permits costs USD1500 per person per trek.

Easiest Gorilla Family to Trek / Gorilla Family Allocation

The easiest way of booking the gorilla family to trek is by ‘’UWA’’ Uganda Wildlife Authority as new system. According to the new system the gorilla family allocation is based on the interests, age and physical abilities of a person.

How to choose a gorilla family to visit?
Gorilla family

How to choose a gorilla family;

To some clients have been discouraged to a smaller extent that Bwindi Impenetrable National Park that there are difficult gorilla groups to trek while other gorilla family are easier to trek. For instance, to some tourists who go for a gorilla trek can be lucky and find gorillas family within 15 minutes while others can spend three quarters of day in the forest searching for these rare creatures the mountain gorillas and by the time they allocate them, are already exhausted thus giving bad review or feedback message on their face book pages or trip advisor, telling people not dare try trek gorillas that the experience is hard. ‘’Yet the fact is that.’’

Mountain gorillas are wild animals which keep on moving all the time, where you saw them the previous day it’s not the same area you will see the gorilla family your trekking the following day. However, their movements depend on several factors including; searching for food, develops on fear especially when they fight with another group and they have to travel for some long distances many more. The gorilla family you have allocated on that very day , the next day it might be far away to find it. So the easiest way trek mountain gorillas can be unpredictable.

You might choose to trek Rushegura gorilla family known as ‘’R-Group’’ which is accepted as an easier gorilla group due to the fact that the main starting point is in Buhoma region. So it is easier tourists to allocate a gorilla family than other gorilla groups but in the same season. Sometimes, this gorilla group can travel far distances and end up becoming as hard as any other gorilla group.

Although, booking permits for Rushegura gorilla family, does not require guarantees you that will have an easier trek, How to choose a gorilla family to visit?

Other tourists tend to book gorilla permit in different region and accommodation in another region. This marks a zig zags routing that makes a disadvantage of getting tiresome, as you wake up very early to drive you to the starting point of briefing. For that matter, Bwindi Impenetrable National Park has four gorilla regions that is Buhoma, Rushaga, Nkuringo and Ruhija its where gorilla trekking activity takes place.

The first advise we give to our client is to book a gorilla permit in the same region where to stay, like buying a gorilla permit hoping to trekking in Buhoma the same to book your lodge in that same region. This will automatically reduce on your driving time so that you don’t have to drive long distance to access the starting point.

Well it is very possible to book accommodation in Buhoma and trek in Ruhija, which the reserve is true. If possible can be avoided and the trek becomes memorable and there will be no complain saying that the group was hard to trek because you were able to drive to reach the starting point.

How to choose a gorilla family to visit?
How to choose a gorilla family to visit?

Currently, Uganda has over 22 habituated gorilla families but are located in different regions. They are divided in four gorilla sectors namely; Rushaga, Ruhija, Nkuringo and Buhoma sectors.

Therefore, one need to contact us ‘’Achieve Global Safaris’’ for more advice about which accommodation to book depending on the gorilla family booked. This is our policy to advise our clients about accommodation to stay in while on safari here, we do it depending on the gorilla family we book for you.

Other question that might be asked by the tourists; Why did my tour operator book me hard gorilla family to trek? The reason as to why a tour operator might book you a hard or difficult gorilla family because a gorilla permit is sold at first come first serve basis. The best alternative to book the easiest gorilla family or avoid disappointments of acquiring a gorilla permits. We advise you to always acquire your gorilla permit in advance of three or six months to enable you make a choice.

Lastly, gorilla trekking can sometimes be strenuous. However, travelers must be physically fit to make their Gorilla Trekking Experience successful.

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