How to get to Kidepo Valley National Park; Kidepo Valley National Park sits in the Northeastern region of Uganda in semi–arid Karamoja province at the border of South Sudan and Kenya. More so, the park is composed of open savannah grassland-filled mountain forest habitat of about 86 animal species and around 28 species cannot be seen in any of Uganda’s game parks. Some of the animals to be spotted on safari to Kidepo include cheetahs, Zebras, Buffaloes, Rothschild giraffes, Bohor reedbucks, Leopards, Side striped jackals, black-backed jackals, bush duskier, bat-eared fox, elands, warthogs, Jackson’s hartebeest, Oribis, Side striped Jackal, and others. It is a perfect birding destination with over 500 bird species like black-breasted barbet, black-headed plover, Clapper ton’s francolin, Yellow-billed shrike, Ostrich, Karamoja Apalis, Little green bee-eater, Standard winged nightjars, Kori bustard many more.

Getting to Kidepo Valley National Park

Kidepo National Park is found in the northeastern region of Uganda about 700 kilometers from Kampala Capital city, it can either be accessed by car or air transport means.

Air Transport

Uganda offers outstanding domestic airlines like Aerolink or Bar Aviation Uganda limited with operates scheduled and charter flights to Kidepo Valley National Park from ‘’EBB’’ Entebbe International Airport or Kajjansi Airfield that flights guests to Apoka Airstrip.

The airline flight schedule to Kidepo Valley National Park starts Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. When driving back from Entebbe Airport to the part at 12:30 pm and arriving at 2:45 pm and when coming from Kidepo National Park the airline departs at 3:00 pm in local hours and arrives at the Entebbe Airport at 4:30 pm. Therefore, the whole flight takes about 1:30 hours to land.

Flying to Kidepo Valley National Park is the best means of transport option we recommended our guests use on their safari to Kidepo Valley National Park because it saves traveling long distances and being tired especially travelers who are not used to traveling such tire some distance.

NB; Travelers using flying options can also connect to other national parks Like Murchison Falls National Park where a flight can land at Pakuba airstrip, Chobe airstrip in the northern sector, or land at Bugungu airstrip in the southern sector of the Murchison.

So travelers booking domestic airlines to Kidepo Valley National Park can connect with the Aerolink Uganda limited offices or Bar Aviation domestic airline offices via email or contact. You can contact Achieve Global Safaris to book your flight to all the different Uganda safari destinations where flights run.

Road Transport

Road transport is another way to access Kidepo Valley National Park and there are various routes you can use for example; the eastern route or the western route which passes via Murchison Falls national park.

Eastern route to Kidepo Valley National Park

If you opt to use the eastern route there are various entry points including driving from Kampala via Mbale, Sironko, Moroto, Kotido, and Kaabong and then connecting to Kidepo National Park covers 740 kilometers, which takes about 12 hours’ drive.

Another driving route from Kampala via Mbale, Soroti, Moroto, Kotido, and Kaabong and then connecting to the park takes about 792 kilometers and 13 hours’ drive covered.

How to Get to Kidepo Valley National Park
Hiking in Kidepo valley national park

If you choose to use the eastern route to the park you can have an overnight stay in any of the towns of Kotido and then take a drive to the park the next morning.

Western route to Kidepo Valley National Park

The western route also accesses the park and visitors use this route to drive from Kampala via Karuma, Gulu, and Kitgum, and connecting to the park takes about 571 kilometers in 10 hour drive.

Travelers can also drive from Kampala via Karuma, Lira, Kotido, Kaabong, and then Kidepo Valley National Park which is 705 kilometers and takes about 12 hours’ drive.

The western route is the most attractive route to use in that you will have gainful views and the same route pass via Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary for Rhino tracking adventure and Murchison Falls national park known as Uganda’s largest and most visited parks this is all about the park hosts the world’s powerful waterfall ‘’Murchison Falls’’. Traveling to Kidepo using this route can have an overnight in Gulu or Kitgum town to cut your journey short and then continue to the park the next day.

Traveling to Kidepo Valley National Park using road transport is a long driving journey and tiresome but filled with rewarding beautiful views of the landscape, homesteads, terraces, rhino tracking in Ziwa Sanctuary, animal viewing in Murchison Falls National Park because the western route passes at the rim of the park, Karuma falls thus making your journey attracting.

Get started now! A visit to Kidepo Valley National Park a home to a bucket of remarkable activities and attractions that attracts visitors on visit to the park.

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