Is Kenya Safe for Travelers? Well, Kenya is a safe destination compared to some surrounding African countries. Although, there are issues with crime in major cities and many government travel advisories warn tourists of the threat of terrorism. It’s advisable if can check your government’s travel advice for the latest information.

Below are the essential things you need to know to stay safe in Kenya – the heart of Africa;

Food hygiene in Kenya

Safety tips for travelers

Safety tips for solo women travelers

Terrorism in Kenya

Bandits in Kenya

How bad is crime in Kenya?

LGBTQ + travel safety tips

Politics and civil unrest in Kenya

Beware of insects

Malaria and travel health tips

Is tap water safe to drink in Kenya

Food hygiene in Kenya

Question food quality before you eat in Kenya;

When you travel to Kenya, always be careful when eating meat on Kenya wildlife safari. Because sometimes the quality of meat doesn’t agree because of other ingredients used mostly in local dishes. Gues what, after a few days stay in Kenya, your tummy will adjust.

On visit we advise you not to eat raw foods like salads or fruits that cannot be peeled. We advise you to always opt for well cooked meals and there are many of delicious cooked meals to try out. Starting from rice dishes to samosas and bean stews.

Take note; the risk of contracting traveler’s diarrhea is higher in places where sanitation and hygiene standards are totally poor.

Immediately, if you begin to feel anything unusual than a slight case of the runs and an uneasy stomach, you need to find a local doctor. Don’t let running diarrhea go untreated. Or travel with medical insurance.

Is tap water safe to drink in Kenya?

Never drink tap water unless it has been boiled. It’s good to carry a reusable water bottle and purification tablets, a water filter bottle like the Grayl water bottle and always have purified water to avoid buying bottled water.

Malaria and travel health tips for Kenya;

Before you travel to Kenya, you need to make sure that all your routine vaccinations are up to date. Note, there’s a very high risk of malaria in Kenya, so you have to talk to your travel doctor to make some tests and give you some tablets to travel with.  Always research about the pro and cons of taking them, and stay covered up at dawn and dusk when mosquitoes are most active.

Carry any medications you need from home, just in case local pharmacies don’t have the medical supplies. Not being fake and poor-quality medications sold around the world malaria would have been eradicated especially in African countries.

Insects in Kenya

Remember Kenya is an African country where many different insects can be seen like biting wasps, mosquitos, scorpions and acacia thorns -which are often more dangerous than the Big Five. To some visitors come prepared with insect repellent and long-sleeved clothing.

If you visit some of Kenya’s regions with bike riding, bring a tire repair kit with you – acacia thorns will easily tear through the rubber.

Is Kenya Safe for Travelers?
Is Kenya Safe for Travelers?

Politics, Protests and Civil unrest in Kenya;

During elections timing, crime and protests can increase which can cause some hindrance of travelers to visit a certain country in period of elections. Avoid joining crowd gathering and any public demonstrations, always walk way.

Travelers need to stay informed on your Kenya Safari Tour. Check the news and ask locals, your guide or accommodation staff about any tensions which might be occurring in the country. Yes, problems can be solved so quickly.

Having a good grasp of what’s happening in the country, makes your visit far more adorable.

Crime in Kenya

On visit to Kenya, be very kin of the major cities where crime commonly occurs, cities like coastal beach resort, northern Kenya – like the North Eastern province, the northern parts of Eastern, Coastal and Rift Valley province and north of Malindi.

There is no need of you changing your travel plans – just pay attention to the advice of the country’s government.

When you’re moving out of the hotel or any place of visit, mind to keep valuable things out of sight, carry only the amount o f cash you’ll need for one day and don’t walk alone at night.


There are some crime hot spots tourists should avoid in Nairobi. Including slums, Kibera which normally occurs in largest urban slum in Africa.

Nairobi’s east region is considered for a high-risk area due to the number of terror related incidents that occurred in previous years – since 2012.

Violent crimes which usually occur in Buruburu, Kasarani, Mathare, Pangan, South B and South C.

Always avoid River Road walk or drive at night, even some time daylight. Take note, bag snatching and other pretty crime are common around transport bugs.

North and West Kenya

Banditry, cattle rustling and ethnic clashes have caused sporadic violence in these areas. Always avoid yourself in a situation where you could be at risk.

Borders with Ethiopia, Sudan and Somalia

The travel advisories their work is keep travelers’ life self – through warning them no to travel to near these border zones. And all these three countries are experiencing localized conflicts. Violence like violent cattle rustling, armed banditry, counter raids and tribal warfare commonly occurs along the Kenya -Ethiopia border.

Is Kenya safe for LGBTQ + travelers?

The Kenyan Penal Code criminalizes homosexual act, with a recent ruling law with a punishment of 14 years in prison for offenders.

It is said, number of gay and lesbians’ visitors visit Kenya and public displays of affection aren’t tolerated, travelers are left alone in resorts and hotels.

Is Kenya safe for women travelers?

Well, female travelers to Kenya will have a trouble-free trip, because the local around are friendly, respectful, hospitable and other people speak English.

Although, there are reports of women harassment by men. For that matter, women should avoid hanging out at the beach or walking around along at night or in dark places. If you plan to go out at night use a taxi, even if you are with others. And avoid getting too intoxicated.

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