Kampala city tour

Kampala city tour : Make the most important thing out of your trip to Kampala, the capital city of Uganda by taking a Guided Tour to enjoy the rich cultural history and tourist attractions of this beautiful city built a cross seven famous hills. Gorilla Trekking Limited offers a wide range of Kampala sightseeing Tours for independent travellers and private groups.

There are many ways to tour and explore Uganda and its capital Kampala; you can do a bicycle safari, take a vehicle ride or walk tour. The latter is the best way to enjoy the city. Kampala is one of the most exciting cities in Africa with many sights and sounds that you could easily miss in a car ride.

The weather in the city is warm throughout the year hence favourable for everyone, this is because of its closeness to the equator and it has two seasons, the rainy and dry season. Kampala city was originally built on seven hills as said before but has now been widened and spread to over twenty hills. It’s a good place to explore with so much to see and experience and the best way to do this is definitely on foot.

Kampala city is a busy city that makes it be the city that never sleeps, it has many people venturing it and doing various activities alone could be scary that’s why you need a Guide. You will get a sight of different aspects of Kampala, hoe history blends with today life and the cultural diversity across the city, the people, how business is done and how people live and work.

Some of the things to see on the walking tour around Kampala city include the Old taxi park, local crafts centres, Owino Markets, Vegetable and food markets, the Kabaka’s Palace, Idi Amin torture chambers, Kasubi Tombs, Kabaka’s Lake, the Gadaffi Mosque, Uganda Martyrs shrine, the Catholic and Anglican Churches on different hills, parliament of Uganda, slums, the independence monument and the Synagogue Church of All Nations.

There are also other interesting things like fast foods such as chapatti, Rolex, interacting with the local hotel people and learn how to cook local dishes like the Matooke, dining with local Ugandans in the restaurants lining on Kampala streets and there after you enter into the hideouts like disco Clubs, casinos and some other restaurants.

To make this Tour a success and comfortable you need the following; walking shoes, a hat, enough drinking Water, sun Glasses, a camera and a light jacket. This will make your Uganda safari more memorable.

The Uganda museum – Kampala City Tour

The Uganda museum is located on plot 54 Kiira road, it offers a comprehensive cultural collections of Uganda and it’s on record for having the largest collection of ethnographic materials in the whole of Africa. This exposes you to other departments like the Natural History of Uganda, Ethnography, musicology and archaeology and stone age sites in Uganda. This museum was first established in old Kampala, then to Makerere university and then to Kiira road.

Kampala city tour
Uganda Museum

Buganda Trail – On Kampala City Tour

Buganda kingdom is one of the strongest kingdoms in Uganda in terms of resources, finances, committed subjects to their king and promoting cultural Tourism. This trail will take you to Lubiri which is the ceremonial palace of the king of Buganda. There is also a manmade lake called the Kabaka’s lake and the purpose of this was to connect this lake to Lake Victoria since the king was tired of commuting from his palace to go to Lake Victoria for canoeing and swimming.

You can visit Mengo the parliament of Buganda and the burial grounds of the dead kings of Buganda.

Markets – On Kampala City Tour

On Kampala City tour is the only place to visit the Markets. It’s an experience while exploring the city Markets on foot and these include Nakasero, Owino and Balikuddembe markets and these are popularly known for selling fruits, vegetables, food stuffs, and other merchandise hence these places are always congested. This when you will get to know that Ugandan people are real friendly.

Worship places – On Kampala City Tour

Uganda is endowed with many religious denominations and if you’re interested in religion then look any further Uganda is the best with many Cathedrals strategically located on hills – Namirembe, Rubaga and Nsambya Cathedrals among others, old Kampala and Kibuli Mosques and the Bahai Temple.

Slums – Katanga Tour

In Africa every city has a slum setting due to un planned Rural-urban migration and in this case Katanga is a central focus in our safari. With a Guided walk, you make way to the temporary structures that act as housing for slum dwellers, densely population with many young people, living conditions, and many others.

Ndere Cultural Centre – on Kampala tour

This is a home of all Ugandan cultures that is built on 9 acres of well-maintained green and beautiful flowered walk ways with fruit and African trees. The cultural centre is tranquillity at its best enabling you enjoy a blissful artistic creativity of Uganda and African music and performances like cultural songs, dances and unique instruments from more than 56 tribes in Uganda.

Kampala city tour
Ndeere Troop

This is the best tour for both National and international guests because it introduces the African culture and ways of life. All these songs at put in stories and those who love story telling the Ndere Cultural Tour is available on Wednesday and Friday at 7 pm and Sundays at 6pm local time.

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