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Katuna Boarder : Katuna is fast growing town located on the Ugandan border with Rwanda, extremely southwestern region of Uganda. Katuna border set up its boundary line between two neighboring nations Uganda and Rwanda. This border is the very entry and exist point of exports and import of Rwanda goods and always open 24 hours a day that enables smooth business to run at the border.

Katuna Boarder

Katuna border town it’s an important town to grown up countries like Mombasa-Kenya Kigali High Way; approximately 500 kilometers from Kampala City –Uganda as you head to Rwanda.

This border town was originally part of the Belgian Rwanda and a major exit point for political refugees who came to settle in Uganda. It happened in 1996 when the British demarcated the Uganda-Rwanda border made an agreement between the two government that is Belgian and British government, they had to place Katuna with in Uganda and became the last part of Uganda.

Katuna is a busiest major entrance point to Rwanda and handles most of Rwanda’s imports from and exports to Uganda. The most goods bound for Rwanda from the Kenyan port of Mombasa pass through Katuna.

Absolutely, Katuna town is an amazing town in a way that residents of the area are mixed nationalities of Rwanda roots, Congolese roots and Burundian roots among others. There is also other percentage of people who comes out of the country such as the Europeans and some tribes with in Uganda. The biggest tribe meet at Katuna border town are the Bakiga with three main clans of Abunguru, Abasigi and Abagyesera. It happens to exist and the construction of the immigration post, police post positioned in the area well having all tribes represented around the area. The town houses a total population of about 1300 people who live and also carry out economic activities in Katuna border town.

The Katuna border town has typical geographical terrain in that it has steep and rocky highlands that make the construction of houses bit challenge and very expensive. The border town also boosts with fertile lands that are used for cultivating crops and dairy cattle keeping. Katuna Boarder town is still underdevelopment to become one of the busiest border town like famous Malaba and Busia on Uganda –Kenya border.

Other border town is quite impressing with numerous businesses in that trader from the East African region pass via this route to connect to Rwanda. Since it’s a gateway to and from Rwanda’s economy. This route supports a lot of business trucks that carries merchandise from Mambosa to Rwanda. More so, it’s a busy route where travelers from the two nations crosses it to access their destinations. Surprisingly, at the border, there’s a big market known as the world market that connects people around by trading in different items. It’s a busy market with every fresh vegetation, where can meet people from the East African region like Rwandese, Ugandans, Kenyans, Tanzanians and the Congolese trading commodities.

Katuna Boarder
Katuna Boarder

At the border there is no difficult in money exchange transactions, you will meet money changers who deal with currencies like Rwandan Francs, Uganda Shillings and the United States Dollars.

The Katuna town has also supported tourism sector of Uganda in that the border town has terraced hills that allows travelers to have great view of the beautiful variety of food crops and the forest cover. Visitors on their Gorilla Trekking SafariUganda Safaris vise verse Rwanda Safari can have stopover at the border town as they get ready to tour Lake Bunyonyi which lies 20kilomters northwest of Katuna town. One to access the lake round has to pass via Kakoma using the murram road to Rubaya. However, you can still reach several highlands in Katuna town great for hiking and camping. You can hike Mount Muhabura a dormant volcano which is nearby the border town and far away from Lake Bunyonyi. Travelers –tourist can also reach Mgahinga Gorilla National Park for Gorilla Trekking and Golden Monkey Tracking Experience right from Katuna town. You can opt to stopover on their way to the famous Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park.

Still travelers can use this border to cross to Rwanda, Ugandan citizens and to other countries where a Visa might not be needed to cross but rather need documents like the Tourism Visa and national Identification cards. The immigration officer will always ask for your personal address, contact details and also identifying the type of business you’re willing do in Rwanda.

After all clearance are done, you will be free to get a stamp that enables you to enter or work in Rwanda.

Where to stay on visit to Katuna border

The Katuna border town has got few accommodation facilities where you can book and spend your night from such as Katuna Inn with good amenities and restaurant with enough drinks and delicious food. Other lodges around the border town you can book include Hawk’s eye Lodge, Lake Bunyonyi offers on site watersport facilities, hiking and camping. The place boosts with nice restaurant, bar and business Centre.

Other places to check out for accommodation are Paradise Eco-Hub, Lake Bunyonyi View Hotel, Heras Country Hotel, Jowillis Hotel, Albertine Tourist Resort, Itambire Island Seeds of Hope, White Horse Inn and Kigezi Garden Inn.

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