Kigali City Rwanda: Kigali City is the capital city of Rwanda is known to be the cleanest city in Africa which came up in 1907 under the Germany rule that had colonized Rwanda in 1884 and later on became a capital city of Rwanda in 1962 as the country gained independence on July 1st 1962 from the Belgium rule that had colonized the people of Rwanda since 1916 until the Bahutu started a revolution in the 1959 that led to independence. This however led to tension between the 2 ethnic groups the Bahutu and the Batutsi that ended up into a civil war (Rwanda Genocide) that erupted from 1990 to 1994 leading to mass death of several Rwandese. There are memorial sites in Rwanda that were put up to commemorate the thousands of Rwanda that lost their lives during the Genocide.

6 Days Rwanda City Tour, Game Drive & Canopy Walk

Kigali City is majorly occupied by the Rwandese with their 3 ethnic groups of the Bahutu, the Batutsi and the Batwa and the city is occupied by over 1 million people who very welcoming, loving and with stunning culture. Kigali city is as well strategically located at the heart of Rwanda which makes it very easy to drive from the city center to various attractions in Rwanda within less than 3 hours’ drive by road.

Rwanda City thrills with plenty of stunning and beautiful structure including both ancient and modern buildings, the calmness of the city and many more things make Kigali city one of your best cities to visit while on a Rwanda safari.

The languages spoken in Kigali city include Kinyarwanda the local language followed by French, Kiswahili and English. The major official language is French though English was as well introduced later on as a way of Rwanda people to fit in the East Africa Community members who officially use English language like Uganda, Burundi, Kenya, and Tanzania.

The cleanliness in the Kigali city could as well be as a result of a monthly Umuganda where the entire roads in the city are closed down and everyone takes part in the cleaning of the city keeping it very clean. Keep in mind that Kigali city and Rwanda country at large does not allow use of plastic bags this doesn’t only keep the city clean but as well keeps the environment safe from pollution by the plastic bags. Umuganda is held every last Saturday of every month.

Kigali City Rwanda
Kigali City Rwanda

The major transport means used in Kigali city is road transport either by private vehicle or public means. For international travelers, they access Kigali city by air to Kigali international Airport.

What to do and see in Kigali City

Kigali city with no doubt is such a beautiful city with calm ambiance and lots of stunning activities to do. Kigali city has a variety of cultural sites, market places, cultural expeditions, and many more that are worth seeing while on a Rwanda tour in Kigali city. Let us have a look at the major attractions in Kigali city.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Sites: Kigali Genocide Memorial sites were put up in order to commemorate the olives of over 250,000 of Rwandese that were brutally murdered during the Rwanda Genocide and up to now these sites are still the city’s major attractions that every tourists wish to visit while on the Kigali city tour. Some of these sites include Gisozi Genocide Memorial sites, Bisesero Genocide memorial Site, Nyamata Genocide Memorial sites, Ntarama Genocide Memorial sites, Murambi Genocide Memorial sites among others.

There are yet Belgium Solder’s memorial sites where the soldiers that had come to keep peace in Rwanda were turned against and murdered. This as well involved in the death of the by them First lady Agatha Uwiligiyimana who was the wife to by then president Habyarimana that was already killed in a plane crash at the beginning of the Genocide. Thus both the president and the wife were murdered in the Genocide. The remains of the president’s plane are still stored at the presidential palace.

Kigali Genocide Memorial Sites
Kigali Genocide Memorial Sites

Kimironko Market: Kimironko market is yet another fascinating attraction within Kigali city where tourists have a golden opportunity of buying lots of things including crafts, fruits, foodstuffs and many other things that you need while on your Rwanda safari.

Rwanda Art Museum: Art lovers, Rwanda Art Museum is as well another fascinating attraction to visit while on your Rwanda city tour. This Art Museum is found inside the former presidential palace and was opened in the year 2018 to protect different art works of different paintings, scripts, Ceramic materials and many more.

Inema Art Center: Apart from the Rwanda Art Museum, Kigali city as well thrills with yet Inema Art Center which is more stunning and more beautiful than the Rwanda Art Museum. Inema Art Center opened in 2012 by 2 brothers Emanuel Nkuranga and Vincent Nkurunziza.

Mount Kigali: Mount Kigali is the highest hill in Kigali thus can be visited while on Kigali City tours. While at the summit of Mount Kigali, tourists have a golden opportunity of viewing the entire Kigali city at a glance, take adventurous photographs.

Mount Kigali
Mount Kigali

Movie watching: Kigali city thrills with lots of recreational facilities where one can go out and spend an evening watching a movie. For instance Century cinema shows lots of movies including those from United States of America majorly showed. While Geothe institute has themed German movies, themed Korean movies and many more that haven’t been released. Apart from movie lover, Kigali city as well has plenty of clubs where one can visit for fun and dance.

Kigali Public Library: If you love reading books and novels then Kigali public library is the way to go. Head in there read as many books as possible but keep in mind that only members. There is yet Ikirezi bookshop where one can buy lots of books including that of 1994 Kigali Genocide.

Visit restaurants: There are lots of restaurants and hotels in Kigali city where one can enjoy their meals with both local and international cuisines.


You may choose to explore Kigali city either by foot, motorcycle or a car. Whichever way you choose to visit the city, the experience is re-markable and long lasting. Kigali city is usually visited at the beginning or at the end of a Rwanda safari.

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