Kigezi wildlife reserve; This is one of the Uganda’s smallest nature wildlife reserve which started in 1952 and is located in southwestern Uganda within Rukungiri district, however, the reserve covers about 265 square kilometers comprised of vast plains, savannah grassland and forests. More so, its wildlife species thrive within its distinct vegetation consisting of woodland, savannah and open grassland. It harbors with wildly species which includes; buffaloes, bushbucks, waterbucks, giant forest hogs, Uganda kobs, elephants, topis and it’s a home to variety of notable bird species.

The reserve inhabits wide range of elephants which roam from the eastern side from Rwindi plains in the Democratic Republic of Congo and to the south part from Queen Elizabeth National park especially during rainy season.

This nature reserve act as a barrier among the Queen Elizabeth national park’s Ishasha plains a home to unique tree climbing lions, Maramangambo forest and   largely covers the southern side. Addition to that, the park comprises of open grassland, woodland and savanna serve as a buffer to the Ruwenzori park to the north. Unfortunately, there are no accommodation options are available yet.

Getting to Kigezi Wildlife Reserve

Kigezi Wildlife Reserve is approximately 318 kilometers drive southwest of Uganda from Kampala to Masaka to Mbarara then to Ntungamo and Rukungiri the final destination.

Kigezi wildlife reserve
Kigezi wildlife reserve

Wildlife Species to see in Kigezi Wildlife Reserve

Kigezi Wildlife Reserve is truly wild adventurous destination that harbors with large herds of elephants that tends to move to the east to the vast Rwindi Savannah Plains in the Democratic Republic of Congo and the southern side from Queen Elizabeth National Park by the beginning of the rainy season.  Expect to sightsee wildlife species such as; Defassa waterbucks, Oribis, Bush duikers, Warthogs, Giant forest hog, Buffaloes, Hippos, Topis, Bushbucks, Uganda Kobs, Bush duikers, Lions and occasionally leopards that visit the area from Queen Elizabeth National Park among others.

The reserve is not only home for wild animals but also hoven for birders and here are beautiful bird species that call Kigezi nature reserve their home such as; Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Red-Faced barbets, Peregrine Falcon, Hammerkop, Marabou storks, Grey-crowned cranes, Saddle-billed stork   among others.

Things to do on safari to Kigezi Wildlife Reserve

They include ; Nature walks ,Bird watching ,Game drives  among others.

Guided nature walk

This is so interesting activity conducted within the reserve on foot. You will be led by range guide through interesting trail heads where you will be able to discover the nature hidden treasures that has been existing for decades. Have chances of spotting classic bird species but you are required to go with your binocular to have clear sights of birds in a distance and you will come across wildlife animals then call it a day.

Bird watching

This is the one of the most done activity in the reserve because the rain tends to fall in the area and makes plenty of food that attracts birds most especially from the month of October to November and March to April. Some of birds to encounter includes; Red –faced barbets, Grey- crowned cranes, Saddle-billed stork, Marabou Stork, Verreaux’s Eagle Owl, Hammerkop mentioned but few.

Kigezi wildlife reserve

Game Viewing

This is truly a good place for game viewing since its home to vast number of wild animals which can be adventured on any safari here, animals to view includes; Lions, bushbucks, topis, deffassa waterbucks, giant forest hog, Oribis, bush duikers among others.

When to visit Kigezi Wildlife Reserve

Kigezi Wildlife Reserve is throughout the year visited. If you are interested in adventuring the herds of Elephants that migrate from Rwindi Plains in DRC to South to Queen Elizabeth National Park, visit the reserve in the rainy season of October to November and March to April.

The best season for viewing other wildlife species is the dry season which starts from; June to September and December to February.

Where to stay at Kigezi Wildlife Reserve

The reserve itself it doesn’t have accommodation facilities within but tourists can book their comfortable overnight stay to perfect hotels around Rukungiri town such as Savannah Resort Hotel, Rondavel Hotel, Rukungiri Inn and Ishasha River Lodge many more.

You can combine a visit to Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in southwestern Uganda for Gorilla trekking tours which goes at USD700 per person per trek with a wildlife adventure at Kigezi Wildlife Reserve. The easiest way to do this combined tour is by help of a tour operator and if you don’t mind you can contact us or email us Achieve Global Safaris our visitors are the first priority.

Lastly, visit Kigezi Wildlife Reserve and get impressive views over its vast wildlife species including; herds of elephants, Uganda kobs, waterbucks, topis, kobs as well as bird species. However, Uganda boosts with 12 astonishing nature reserve which you can visit on Uganda Safari, include; Pian Upe Wildlife Reserve, Matheniko, Bugungu, Karuma, Katonga, Toro Semuliki, Bokora Corridor among others.

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